Seq lite cassette

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by markyboy

Hi have anyone owned one of these, or know what they are like. ... %26ps%3D54
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by theremery

I have a shimano version in 11-23. Seems ok (I've only ridden it twice). It's only done 150km ish but shows zero signs of wear. Shifting is on a par with Sram red cassette (i.e......OK but not as good as DA). Mine was ridiculously light.
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by singingmonkey

Bought a 12-27 cassette to replace a worn 10 speed Campag 11-25.
It worked a treat for the first 2 months then 400 km later had worn so much that it was completely unrideable.
The distributor in China responded to my emails very politely though wouldn't replace the cassette (did offer a discount on other products though not particularly useful). Needless to say I wouldn't purchase another one

Phill P
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by Phill P

another re-labelled recon cassette?

Steel cassettes last longer than Ti cassettes that last longer than Al cassettes.

That is why Sram make one piece steel cassettes, and Shimano and campy use Steel with the larger gears make of Ti.

If you get an Al cassette don't expect it to last as long as your other cassettes. If you want it to last longer always use a new clean chain.

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by Martin1977

I bought Seq Lite AL 10 speed Campagnolo cassette, but I will not buy any AL cassette anymore. Shifting was poor and cassette showed noticable wear just after cca 200 km. I'm thinking about Tiso all Ti cassette, but now I'm on standard Campagnolo cassette and performance is great. You will lose more time by bad shifting than You could gain with 70g lighter cassette.

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by artray

Do not expect it to last. I used to always use Recons or similar, but they have never lasted more than six months. I only ride in my big ring which is supposed to extend the life of the cassettes. I knew when I bought a Recon that that's the price you pay for a super light cassette. KCNC lasted 2/3 months longer, but shifting is not as good as the Red Cassette I have switched to . It is heavier but it works much better and easy to clean with the block at the back, although the new red does not have this.

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