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by VTBike

kac wrote:
VTBike wrote:Why doesn't fairwheel stock C4 any longer? I actually never heard of them - but their hubs look very nice! Speaking of website though, its terribly designed. There is no place to see pictures of the hubs - and actually know what your looking at!! It's just a bunch of hub pics...

Then on the wheelbuild page, for Carbon clinchers, they spec the RH190.. but on the Hub page, they have no RH190! It's the 170, 200, etc... Pretty pics, but terrible usability/navigation.

So where can I get some pics of the C4 hubs and actually know which hub I'm looking at?

I am not sure if C-4 is still actively in business. Perhaps they are revamping their product line accounting for the disarray on their web site. As far as I can tell, the only place that has existing stock is Nico's. Regardless, the pros and cons of those hubs have been thoroughly discussed on WW. Search the topic and you'll be able to sample a complete spectrum of opinion; they seem controversial compared to many of the competition.

They are - I contacted via email yesterday after typing about them in this thread. They responded to me almost immediately (with 30 minutes) and we had a few back/forth emails. So they are still very much in business; and gave me quite a nice quote on some new Enve 3.4 SS wheels. 5 year warranty on hubs, and also warranty on wheelbuild (but we didn't go into that).

I did search on WW for C4 hub, and came up with nothing. I have to dig deeper to find that thread your talking about - I really want to read it. Not sure what else to search for besides C4.

by Weenie

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by rodebaron51

I am 88kg and I really like my Zipp 404FC... rock solid!

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by Imaking20

BmanX wrote: my EDGE 45's and the finished product was 1282g and I am not a flyweight.

Me want

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by notsoswift

Budget would be nice to know

I am 90 kg, 195 cm and race Reynolds DVT46UL ,now superseded by the (fractionally heavier) "Forty-Six" that weigh just below 1200 grams. Never broken a spoke never had to re-true in 2 years, they have no weight limit. If you don't want so Aero the "Thirty-two" is 100 grams lighter again for the same price

If budget was more I would most likely look at Madfibre over RZR's though. Apart from the value component, I think they simply look Mad!

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by mr_tim

C-4 have their problems. There are a couple of threads on here such as this &

Fwiw I had a set of the early c-4. The free hub didn't seat with good tolerance on the axle, so basically the cassette hit the spokes. There are better hubs out there. Well possibly anything is better in fact. Subjectively speaking imo.

If your looking for a robust build, do talk to a local builder & point out what your priorities are - that way the build will be tailored to your requirements, rather than just based on broad recommendations or other ppl's preferences & requirements.

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