how do you clean gum/natural tire sidewalls?

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by Stats

Old thread, but found the info useful so thought I'd contribute my findings...

I recently purchased a pair of Campagnolo Bora Ones with Vittoria Corsa Evo Classic tyres - and the gum/natural (yellow cream) sidewalls were pretty dirty...

I'm very fussy with my stuff, so was concerned not to use anything too harsh that might damage the rim, and something that won't affect the tubular glue worried me a bit...

In the end I found the best stuff was the Muc-Off 'nano tech bike cleaner'... I'd used it to wash my bike and was impressed so thought I'd try it on the tyres and it worked a treat! I just dribbled a bit onto a cloth to always keep it damp/wet and took my time with some terry towling cloths. It'll take a little bit of rubbing but nothing hard and now they look new now! The other good part is the website for the cleaner says that there are no solvents or acids and it's safe for carbon... so it shouldn't damage the rim or affect the glue.

I did try the Jif as mentioned in an earlier thread on a very small section before I tried the Muc Off, it did clean them up but left a bit of residue and I was concerned it would dull the rims because the Jif is a little abrasive...

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by EvoUltimate

I use Mineral spirits and it always did the trick.

by Weenie

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by Dick

I've had 4 pairs of vittoria open corsa, all gumwall and find the simplest way just to use a sponge with some gentle hand soap and a bit of elbow grease!

Alternatively my boss uses clean streak on his, which cleans them instantly, although you can see the tan colour coming away with every wipe.

I just tend to buy a new pair if they get too dirty....

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