Cannondale Hollowgram SL crankset on other bikes

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by poppiholla

I was wondering if the Cannondale Hollowgram SL crankset is used on other bikes then Cannondale?
If not; which other brand crankset comes close to the hollowgram SL when you looking at price, looks and performance?
Can you compare the new Sram Red crankset with the Hollowgram SL?
Is the name Cannondale on the Hollowgram crankset a decal or is it placed under the paint?

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by prendrefeu

Standard Spindle - Any bike with BB30 or PF30
Custom Spindle - Any bike with BB386 (use adapter BB)
Custom Spindle + Custom BB - Any bike.

What does it look like? Search the Gallery, you'll see plenty on non-Cannondale bikes. A number on Specialized Tarmacs, in fact. :)

The name is laser etched on. There are a number of threads that cover this, as well as 'how to get rid of it' (hint: anodize)

Comparison vs. SRAM's Exogram Cranks?
It will come down to looks and your own preferences. Both are damn stiff. Which is stiffer? We don't know, it depends on who you ask. Tour (German mag) also tested the Specialized S-Works Cranks vs. Hollowgram SiSL and found them (Spec) to have higher stiffness and on par stiffnessxweight. So that might give you a hint that, really, it depends on who you ask. We'll know for sure once FairWheelBikes completes a long-awaited Crankset Shootout updated for BB30 Cranks.

However, the Exograms are:
-more available
-more affordable
-really damn light
-really damn stiff

So it's up to you.

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by bura

I have the Cd Hg SL crankset on my Kuota Kom.BB30.
The crank was one of the reasons why I bought this bike.
That said I think the closest in looks to Cd SL is Rotor because no chance of testing them all . Cd graphics are way more understated.
Talking about one brand complete alloy crankset setup.Rings and spider.Or KCNC.Or Extralite.This is very personal.
I can not compare the new Sram Red with the Cd because I have only ridden the pre 2013 Red and actually did not feel any difference in shifting performance or stiffness difference to Cd.
What I can rate is the looks.
This is very easy because I think the 2013 Sram Red rings are one of the worst designed road bike chain rings and suit a MTB much better .
And I like the looks of the Cd SL very much.
The Cd logo on the Hg crankset is placed on top of the anodized alloy (no paint there) I guess using some kind of modern serigraphy.
Not sure and it may be laser engraved.
Here is a photo of my crankset cooperating with a black painted Red front derailleur.
Kuota Kom Evo
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by poppiholla

Beautiful crank...I am thinking about it for my Tarmac. Is there a way to remove or hide the Cannondale brand name on the Hollowgram crankset?

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by Dammit

Killer advantage of the Hollowgrams is the modular nature- I've got a 110bcd spider, a 130bcd spider and an SRM spider, and can swap between them in ~5 minutes.


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by BeeBee30

Ti or dye!

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by mnmasotto

Who caries the hollogram in stock here in the US?

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by OwenJames


Glad I found this forum! Great looking at the pics of those SL cranks. Despite owning Cannondales, they were never really on my radar, until the SiSL2 came out and I snapped them up. Beautiful cranks and the performance; WOW!

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by Buffalo

mnmasotto wrote:Who caries the hollogram in stock here in the US?

Your local cannondale dealer, if you wanna pay out your asss, otherwise just get a set off eBay.

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