Carbon rail saddle issues

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by Dubflier

Just got into road cycling this year and got my first bike, nothing too excotic Felt F75 2012 (I know, I know its not carbon)
I decided to do a little pimping and loose some weight at the same time, first got a 10mm shorter Devox stem, 100mm (nice)
then changed the tyres last week to Schwalbe Ultremo ZX, all going good so far.
Now for the problem part, I managed to pick up a Devox carbon saddle 170g but was un-aware that the rails would be a different size 7mm x 9mm and would not be a straight swap over. Does any one know what the seat post is that Felt use with this saddle as it is very hard to get technical specs.
Williams have one that they have comfirmed will work and I also know Fizik have one that will work as well, other wise information is very sketchy from other manufactures i.e. FSA ect.

Dubflier :?:

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by mstacle

From the Felt website, the post is a: Felt UHC Performance carbon fiber post, forged aluminum head, lightweight twin side clamp bolt design, Ø27.2mm, 300mm.
I've found that the Thomsons work well with ovalar rails. Unless your heart's set on carbon...

by Weenie

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by Dubflier

lightweight twin side clamp bolt design, Ø27.2mm, 300mm.

Yes that's the problem its the side clamp bolt design, it will only work with 7mm round rails.
I do have my heart set on a carbon seat post for the weight saving and also I have read it gives a smoother ride at the back end. That's debatable in my opinion.
I contacted Felt via their web site how ever the chap that replied seemed to have no product knowledge (even sent pics)
I may just pull the trigger on a Williams or Fizik seat post and move on.

Happy cycling

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by sungod

the fizik cyrano cf post has a great clamp but it is not lightweight, it's pretty chunky and only a bit more comfy than the alloy version

depends how light you want to go, the minimal cf posts like ax's tend to have fiddly clamps but are ok with the deeper cf rails - i've got an ax europa, light+comfy, pricey though

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by Dubflier

Hi Sungod

You seem to be at the top end of the market with the AX range, to be honest I won't be going into that price range as I would rather spend the money on lighter wheels. The Williams Ionic is 184g as stated on their web site and at $94 dollars seems good value. I would probably rather diet and loose the 84g and be up the 200 euros than buy the AX seat post.
The Fizik is a little heavier but both will accommodate carbon oval rails.

There seems to be a big anomaly in the market between carbon railed saddles and seat post manufactures, here is the answer below from FSA customer service.

there should be no problem with all our seatpost.
I suggest to ask to saddle manufacturer if it requires any particular seatpost clamp.

Just the answer I was looking for, ask the saddle manufacturer ? I was considering an FSA SL_K.

The quest goes on, but I am starting to lean towards the Williams Ionic

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by 5 8 5

Ritchey do a number of seatposts that should work.

You'd need to get the Fizik clamps (7x9.6) for it to make it compatible with your saddle

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by socratease

Any post that clamps from top+bottom should work. These type of clamp mechanisms in the two bolt variety are less prone to slipping, as an added bonus. Ritchey posts as well as many other manufacturers provide compatible clamps for ovalized rails with side clamping posts.

I would recommend going with a post that has the most clamp contact, though many people have luck with the ultra minimal clamp designs.

Honestly, the williams looks to be the best choice out of all the ones so far, based solely on design. However, that type of clamp interface is a pain to adjust. I have no familiarity with their quality. I would steer you away from FSAs products (in general). If you're looking for comfort, I find that posts whose setback is part of the carbon structure to be better. Its marginal, however.

An easton EC70 zero can be had pretty cheap, and construction is very good, dont know if you need setback or not. As far as carbon posts go, on the road, durability typically isn't an issue. Posts with an aluminum clamp bonded into a carbon shaft tend to be more failure-prone.

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by mlchang

I have the Williams post. Quality is fine (good actually). Bolts are generally easily accessible. I like to mess with my saddle angle and it has been easy to adjust and hasn't ever slipped. Works with my specialized and fizik carbon rails.

For the cost I have been very pleased. Also Williams customer service has always been excellent for me. Unfortunately, I did not get a weight before I cut it shorter and installed it, sanded off logos, I don't know how accurate their weight is.
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by Dubflier


I was thinking the Williams seems to tick all the boxes for me,

Weight (184g stated)
Carbon rail compatible
20mm set back
Cost $94
Customer service (they got back to me next day with a clear response to my email)

That seems to be the decision made.

Thanks to all who chimed in with their help, Dubflier :mrgreen:

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by WasFab

5 8 5 wrote:Ritchey do a number of seatposts that should work.

You'd need to get the Fizik clamps (7x9.6) for it to make it compatible with your saddle

that's correct the Ritchey clamp 1 bolt suit for carbon rails, ( you have it black or silver colour ). I have it. I got wilier cento uno with the clamp for standard rails and I have a Sella Italia SL with carbon rails so I had to swapped it with the right Ritchey 1 bolt clamp that fits the carbon rails of sella italia and also it fits as far what they told me the Fizik carbon rails. I hope that's help!

I am here:

by Weenie

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by MikeF

Wow.. Ive been searching all day for some of this info. I have the Devox saddle and like it. It fits snug in my Ritchey Carbon Pro. I have a Thompson Master piece and the clamps seem to be to small and the rails dont fit snug into the "U" on the clamp. They appear too short. I would like to use the thompson but Im afraid the clamp will munch up the rails and they may eventually fail. Any suggestions???

Also to answer you question. My Ritchey Carbon Pro works great. They have a WCS model with a two bolt clamp that runs about $200 and is pretty light.

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