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by max5480

I just built these wheels up with similar criteria to you. The hubs are out of your price range, but for the rims I decided to go for higher quality HED Belgium C2 from wheelbuilder.com in 20/24 spokes. I laced them to WI H2/H3 using Sapim CX-ray, which are more than you'd like to spend but I went with quality for this wheelset over weight, although I'd definitely consider myself weight conscious and the set weights 2000g with mounted Conti Sprinters Tubular (so under 1500g without). I heard that HED discontinued 20h 23mm wide rims so I didn't hesitate to buy them from wheelbuilder before they were gone for good. Haven't ridden them yet, still waiting for the glue to dry, but as far as finish and quality of the parts, they definitely seem nicer made than Kinlin rims I have. Also check out zencyclery.com for some sweet wheelset ideas.


by Weenie

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by clarkson

I have put a few thousand miles on a few different sets of BikeHubStore superlight hubs. So far, they've been on par (or actually better) than anything else I've owned. No mechanical problems, no adjustments needed, bearings superb.

Please someone correct me if I'm wrong, but gigantex is taiwanese and not terribly cheap in comparison to the ebay/chinese kind of rims. I still wouldn't recommend carbon clinchers for you, unless it's some sort of last resort, or a bet or something.

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by astranoc

Ok I 've already sold the Token hubs so I will be getting the following:

UltraLight Front Road Hub 24h- 66 grams
SuperLight Rear Hub 28h - 211 grams
Sapim CX-Ray spokes

Is there a reason to go for the wider front hub?

Also now.. for the rims i still haven't decided, Kinlin XR-200 or Stans ZTR Alpha?

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by astranoc

Two more questions:

Is there any point for paying extra for CX-Ray instead of Laser in this build? Is Kinlin XR-200 alright with veloplugs?

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by ghostrider1tm

go with kinlin rims, and use a higher spoke count on the rear (28 2 cross) and 20 on front, then find a deal on some nice hubs...king, tune, dt, alchemy(best on market) they will last forever, super durable excellent braking, and light....oh ya it's the engine not the equipment, durable is what counts it breaks you don't ride...

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