Alternatives to S-Works road shoes?

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by brycerider

Currently running a set of the above in a size 45. Find the fit really good with a set of the blue footbeds. However I'm not impressed with the boa dials which after six months use loosen off during a ride. In summer its annoying to have to tweak them up but as we head into winter here and the booties come out I'm looking at replacing the dials. So considering other shoes and have the fizik r3 and bont vapour on the list. Anyone tried these against the S-works or would point me to another option that's of similar fit and performance?

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by stang1

Greetings from AUSTRALIA. Go to the BOA website, and they will give you free replacement posted from teh USA . BOA has a lifetime guarentee. They posts in a pack of doubles, so an order is usually for a Shoe. Just ordered 2 orders from USA, FOC, arrived round 3 weeks time. Just make sure you check which year your s works are and follow the boa dial images to find closest model .

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by Richyo

+1 to what stang1 mentioned.
If you want a specific colour (eg the stock white or the pink(on boa site)) you will need to pay for them. The stock white is available from the Specialized dealer i believe.

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by notsoswift

Love my Bont Vapours, but can't help on the SWorks becaus e I have never had the
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by Zigmeister

They are a wear/tear item. For $12, you can get a new set of dials and cables along with a tool shipped to your door off of Boa's site as other's have said above.

I love my Boa system.

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by savechief

Try the Giro Trans, Factor or Prolight SLX.
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by NS

I had 2 pairs of s works shoes warrantied last year due to the boas. I wouldn't dump them over it though, I tried the Fizik R3 though for 2 hours and they were very uncomfortable due to a high instep. They also weigh a metric ton, the specialized are the nicest shoes I've ever had, like slippers in comparison to most brands. Before I moved to them I also used Shimano, Nike, sidi, north wave & Carnac

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by upside

I will second the Giro's. I tried the Pro SLX last year and fell in love with them. The only downside with that shoe is the top strap is a bit short and understand that Giro is making that change this fall. I now have the Factor and are as comfortable as the S-Works and less $$$.

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by brycerider

Thanks for the feedback. Will replace the boa's and see how they go.

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by hansonator69

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by otoman

Yep, agree that the fit on the Giro Factor and Pro SLX are very comparable to the S-Works, having tried on both back to back.
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by haydos

I love my fizik R3's.

I've sold my sidi Ergo 2's and S Works....

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by plpete

Personally, I've been very happy with my Mavic Zxelliums. Very breathable for summer and very comfy. I got mine for a steal $125! Many places have the previous model on closeout. New model is just different cosmetically.

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by topflightpro

You could always drop down to the Specialized BG Pro Carbon shoes.

They're not quite as light as the S-Works, but they are built with the same sole mold, so they should fit identically, but without the BOA system.

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by SolidSnake03

A word of caution to those recommending the Giro Factor's, I have experienced some real concerns with durability on them. The material on the toe tears really easily and the heel pads wear fast. Also, these heel pads are NOT replaceable so this is a concern. The carbon sole seems to hold up well to scuffs and what not however the outside material of the shoe isn't great.
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