Ciamillo Brake Model Hierarchy and Timeline

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by odin99

Hi everyone. I tried searching here and on google, but didn't come up with what I wanted.

Does anyone know of a timeline of what ciamillo brakes were produced when... and a hierarchy of models? which ones were upgrades to previous models etc. Or is anyone knowledge enough to simply write it all out? I don't even know how many different models have been produced... they all kind of seem the same to me, which i know isn't true. What would also be helpful would be pictures. I see this as being a nice identification guide.

by Weenie

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by kman

Some members here will know but you could just always ask Ted...

Were Cat Claws the "first" ones or were they a completely different product?
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by odin99

bump. anyone one to chime in w/some knowledge?

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by drainyoo

From my understanding, this is the timeline of the alloy brakes. Have no idea about the carbon version.

Zero G - 2004
Zero G Ti - 2007
Negative G - 2008
Negative GSL -2009
Negative GSL Micro -2013

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