help furnishing an 09 helium.

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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roca rule
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by roca rule

i am about to buy a used 09 helium frameset, and i was looking for a cranckset that would look good on it and is lightish and sub $500
i am looking for a saddle that fits similar to an arione but lighter
i also decided that i want a low profile lowest spoke count and lowest weight that i can get on an alloy tubular
group i will probably get old red/ force combo
for the stem/ bar combo i want smoething around 200gr on a 42 cm c-c
and for the stem i want something light as well but that matches the frame
btw the the frame is the naked carbon weave.

by Weenie

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by tommasini

First - what is a "helium 09" - refering to a Ridely?

And second, when asking for suggestions you might want to help out the situation by providing specifics as your weight, riding style, miles per week, terrain, etc. etc. Posting thoughts of what you'd like and then asking for feedback on those "likes" doesn't necessarily translate well into recommendations - without key facts.

Just try'n to help

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roca rule
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Location: so. cal.

by roca rule

it is a ridley helium model year 2009
bike size is small
i am 5'9" and weight 150lbs
i am a puncheur
max wattage when fresh 1200 watts, but mostly ride at 180-230 watts for most of the time.
i enjoy climbing most of all.
i ride about 200-300 mile per month and i try to climb about 60,000ft per month.
the road surface where i live is pretty much typical so. cal. roads not super nice, but not terrible either. some broken pavement and lots of sand on the bike paths and climbing routes, but no dirt roads.

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by victorduraace

For wheels you can go with a similiar build which is one of my favourites.
There shouldn't be any problems with such weight because You are rather on lightweight side.
So my recommendations are the following:
RIMS: Any NOS rims with 36 spokes rear and 28 possibly spokes front, rear in at least 380 grams, front can be lighter
HUBS: Of choice, call it DT Swiss, Shimano (rather heavy), AM Classic, Hope, etc
SPOKES: Front 3x butted, Rear 3x (DS straight gauge) NDS Butted.
NIPPLES: Alloy front and NDS, Brass DS.

For every day use, that's the way to go.
As for crankset, Cannondale SI looks nice.
cheers for the build

by Weenie

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by GotsToBeDifferent

I have a 2007 Ridley Helium and I love my Bontrager carbon stem (XXX/Black) and bar (XXX/VR)... the weight (my scale) on each is:
Bar: 190 grams/44cm
Stem: 110 grams/100mm

I also love my Zipp 101's (1636 grams, which includes Ti skewers and rimstrips) and my Rotor 3+ BB30 Crank (172.5/629 grams) w/BSA30 Bottom Bracket (106 grams)...
My Ridley Helium Present.JPG

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