Easton wheel decals?

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by pinky

Apologies if this is the wrong forum, but due to sponsorship requirements I need to make some carbon wheels look like Eastons and am trying to hunt down wheel decals. Thus far I've found some on Ebay but was curious if anyone had any better ideas.

Much thanks.

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by wath

Your sponsors don't give you wheels? :?

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by mjduct

I think they probably would, but he doesn't want to ride their wheels...

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by pinky

To be clear, Easton is and has been extremely generous with the team I ride for, and have actually set all the riders on the team with 2 sets of wheels each. I just happen to have a set of wheels I purchased before joining that I'd still like to be able to use on certain occasions and being a very grateful amateur simply want to keep my team and sponsors happy.

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by pinky

mgordon wrote:http://www.graphicshack.co.uk/product/Easton_EC90_Deep_Rim_Carbon_Bike_Wheel_Decal_Sticker_Kit_ec90aero" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

Will these do the job?

Saw those, probably end up doing the 2011 versions but yeah, here's hoping. Thanks all.

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by cmdr199212

I've ordered from them, extremely high quality decals. Easy application, look killer, and seem to last (I've only had them for a short time)

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by natiedean24

I may be missing something, but you could call bell sports up directly and purchase replacement stickers from them. That's how I got mine. Just tell them yours got damaged.

http://www.eastoncycling.com/en-us/road ... nfo/about/

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