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by mattlawro

Hello people wonder if you can give me some advice for my CAAD10 build.

I am not sure which bearings to go with to install my SISL crank and what the pros and cons are

-Cannondale standard steel bearings.
-Cannondale ceramic bearings.
-Sram Pressfit BB30 with ceramic bearings.

Your views are welcome thanks.

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by fastrow23

I would go with an Enduro Zero Ceramic BB30 Kit. CAAD 10s aren't Press Fit.

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by Cleaner

Standard steel bearings ABEC-3 or better (you will never notice a difference when riding of ABEC-5+). The seals and spacers create more drag than the balls will in these bearings and it is of no benefit to performance. The only (arguably) real world benefit of ceramics is corrosion resistance, however the reports on the forums seem to indicate the ceramics are not standing up to actual use and wear out prematurely relative to steel bearings.

I have had a set of SRAM standard steel bearings with Hollowgram SISL crankset in my CAAD9 9 for more than 3 years and I ride 4-6 days per week year round. I have never done anything to these bearings post install and they still spin fine and the BB has no noises or play in it.

You can get bearings suitable for around 4$ each on Ebay should you need reaplcements, ordering them from a bicycle specialist will only cost you more $ for the same thing.

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by motorthings

AVOID the cdale ceramics at all costs (even if free).

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by billspreston

Get some Phil Wood bearings, they make BB30 bearings. You'll need circlips and bearing shields as I believe they just sell the individual bearings.

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by Phill P

HSC make a full BB30 kit with shields and clips. I don't have the full kit (just the 6806 bearings) but fairwheel might

Cannondale ceramics were awful at one point, but it was costing them so much in warranty they did resource eventually. That said you might get handed an old set.

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