AX3000 brake tweaks - can you help?

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by jahknob

Anyone out there own a set of AX3000 brake calipers? I've just installed them on to my bike and find that I cannot get the rear brake to stay centred. There does not seem to be any way of setting and fixing the caliper's position, so am thinking that it must be the short run of outer cable from the boss on the back of the top tube to the brake arm that is too long and pushing the caliper over... Any thoughts appreciated..

Also, when I bought these, from a seller on this forum, he recommended that, for improved braking feel, I install some small pieces of hard plastic (provided) under the arms of the carbon springs to get a better lever feel. However, there's no indication of how to locate these pieces under the brake caliper arms or how to keep them in place. I've simply pushed them into place from above, and the pieces seem to sit there, held by the pressure of the carbon spring against the back of the caliper arm and it does provide a more positive spring pressure.

Though the spring tension appears to hold them there, I'm worried that when out riding they'll pop out, and I'll end up pulling the brake levers to the handlebar in an attempt to stop... What would you recommend using as a semi-permanent "glue" on the carbon caliper arms/plastic pieces to try to secure these in place a bit better? Any suggestions?

PSI can't get hold of the person who sold me the brakes to ask them about this, otherwise I would do that!

Hope someone can help,


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by carbon2329

In my case it was the cable housing was too long, so it was pushing it off-center.

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by wshiong

Play around with the cable,not too long and not too short.

I am still using the standard metal spring and i have cut out some thin rubber washers into small piece and place them between the contact point between the spring and the carbon arm area.

it will not slip out and it stay firm over there.not sure about carbon spring.
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by t3z

It sounds like the cable length to me too.
I haven't tried bits of plastic under the spring.
The brakes work fine any how, except the rear spring is a touch on the stiff side.

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by Martin1977

Short time ago, I also bought AX brakes from forum member. At first, I also had problem to keep them centered. Long cable was causing this problem. It was pushing brake to side. I also tried to "improve" performance by putting small pieces of cardboard under springs and it helped a little.
But I was adviced to use Nokon cables with them, that they work much better. Now I decided to try i-link and I must say, that brakes work much much better with i-link. They keep centered and brake nice.

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