Cleaning Lizard Skins bartape?

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by LarsEjaas

I have installed a set of white Lizardskins bartape on my roadbike, just prior to a training camp on Mallorca just a few weeks ago.

When getting home, it already looked quite dirty, due to dust from the roads. I have tried cleaning it with the danish equivalent to rubbing alcohol: "husholdningssprit" without much luck. It got cleaner, but NO way nearly as clean as I would like.

Then I tried different types of soap, and some other solvents I usually use for cleaning my chain witout much luck. I kind of like the tape, but in my book white bartape HAS to be white: The dirty look is totally NO GO!

Do I have to throw the tape out after only 2 weeks! Or does anyone have advice?

Please do not tell me to use the search funktion: I really haven't found the advice I need here....
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by TOflat

White Lightning Clean Streak seems to have worked for me on Fizik and Lizard Skins.

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by cazone

I had the 1.8 in white.
nice bartape, but impossible to clean (for me).

back to prologo or roubaix tape.

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by artray

The white Lizards are a nightmare to keep clean. When I used white tape I found Fizik the best. The only thing I can think of is take them off and soak them in a water bleach mixture, not to much bleach or it will eat your tape, or you could try one of those washing liquids that clean just whites, but me thinks it's new tape. Lizards are great in black etc but white has always been a no no. If you do find a way to clean them, start a new thread and let us know how you did it . Good Luck

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by Bhowe

windex or simple green and a toothbrush worked pretty well for me. Then wipe them off.

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by Noerskov

I have a box of wet wipes used for cleaning white bartape, havent tried Lizard skins yet but it works great on other brands. So go through the dieperbag and give it a try. Might work...... Actually wet wipes are fenomenal for full bike "truckerwashes", when on training camps and waterhoses are hard to come by. Even works on chains.


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by fitty4

Can this do the trick? maybe use a degreaser product

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by hna

Just change the bar tape to something more manageable. Lizards Skins was an absolute nightmare when it came to cleaning. I'll never buy it again.

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by Guerdi

I have had good luck with Cif cream, hot water and a brush or green side of a sponge if it's really dirty.

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by Arky

magic eraser?

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by toosahn

Try magic eraser or a moist towel with warm water and soap.

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by SL58

White Lizard Skins 1.8 is light and the nicest to the touch
but it is destined to display every smudge and fingerprint you
manage to put on it for as long as you have it, period.

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by Chiva

That's why I don't use white. Black always looks clean and new:) Maybe it doesn't look pro but I'm not too concerned about appearances. It's hard for a guy to raz you about your bar tape when you dropped him on the last hill :lol:

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by chpfly

I like white tape as well. The Fizik microtec tape cleans awesome. I tried the PRO tape in white and it was a mess after a few rides as well.

Good luck.

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by goodboyr

I hate to say this, because it's so ridiculously expensive, but Handlebra tape stays clean. My wife has the white leather stuff on her S5, and it's easy to clean with soap and water, and is just as white as when it was new.

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