Cleaning Lizard Skins bartape?

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by 743power

Ride in the rain with no gloves. That cleaned my old dsp tape better then anything.
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by blcknspo0ln

I just went outside and cleaned my white DSP's with some simple green. I just sprayed it on and let it soak for a min. Not as white as new, but good enough... until I ride again.

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by LarsEjaas

Here's a short update. I gave up! Nothing seems to be able to clean this tape! Yes it gets cleaner, but NO way near clean...

I think the primary problem is, that when the rubbery surface of the tape gets worn, it soaks up dust and dirt WAY to easy.

Well I like the feel of the tape, but that's about it. After 1000 km. of use it already looked a bit worn, and it's impossible to clean: Not the best experience I am afraid.

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