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by xrs2

giant man wrote:
I TOTALLY agree, that is why all my Assos shorts, 3/4s, and winter tights all have the orange S2 insert, vastly superior imo ....

Where are you getting bibs with the orange S2 insert? I killed both pairs of my bib shorts, and now all I have left are two half shorts...would love a source for the original Assos!

by Weenie

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Where are people also buying Assos so cheap :noidea:

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by jamespierce


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by ksroadie

Ribble, Shinybikes.

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by LionelB

Buy summer apparel in the winter and vice versa.

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by bones

chaulk61 wrote:
bones wrote:Yeah I have. Castillo, ok. Santini, ok. Giordana, ok. Pearl aizumi, great. Assos, sucks. And Rapha are a bunch of hunters, so no on them either.

I have both, and perfer the Assos by a long shot. And the Pearl Izumi's cost about 30 bucks more.

Don't think so.

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by mortirollover

Have used Assos UNO/F1 Milles and Rapha classic bibs extensively. Am a large Assos and medium Rapha. I find i go for the Raphas much more frequently, very unique feel of the material and the cytech pad is very comfy. I find the Assos pad not as comfortable on the rivet and on long rides. Also Assos long term doesnt stand up well.
Really didnt like the Rapah team shorts, too short on the leg and too mcuh compressions, plus really shiny. I sent them back.

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by Colnago68

bones wrote:Seriously, anyone who thinks by paying literally hundreds of dollars more for Assos or Rapha is going to get a ton of more performance is smoking crack. Number one thing. Fit. Number two thing is comfort. Number three thing is durability. There are enough bib shorts out there that will allow 99.9% of the population get a great pair of bib shorts without paying the marketing hype machines that are Assos and Rapha.

A few years ago I made the mistake of buying Assos S5 Mille on sale. Worst mistake ever because after the first ride I knew I could never ever go back. I own 9 pair of bibs/knickers/tights with the S5 insert. And "hundreds more is a joke". Never paid more than $165 for Mille S5 or more than $180 for FI 13s ... just gotta know where and when to shop.

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by cazone

The basic assos uno is just perfect.
The hi-end assos stuff is too thick.
Love the Giordana Carbon bibs too.

Never tried Rapha.

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by chaulk61

Colnago68 wrote:And "hundreds more is a joke". Never paid more than $165 for Mille S5 or more than $180 for FI 13s ... just gotta know where and when to shop.


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by tommasini

Have had various top end Assos bibs over the years (and they last for many years) - now days the "mid level" Uno's are all the Assos I seem to need (besides I like the logo'd version).

By shopping at the right time I've picked up Assos Uno's (with logo) for $125 - $135 plus $7 shipping from UK to USA.

Price isn't a barrier........

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by fio

I definitely think that it all comes down to model when you're dealing with the "higher end" bib shorts. I've had Giordana, Assos, Castelli, Louis Garneau, and Voler, and obviously they all fit differently, but even within the same company the fit can be different.

For example, I had a pair of Giordana Silverlines (one of their less expensive models) for about a year. They were great bibs--they fit right, conformed to my body rather than having a predefined shape for me to fit into (something that Assos kind of does), and didn't have much bulk at all. They ended up getting destroyed in a crash so I tried another pair of Giordanas, but this time I went with their Laser series (their second tier model). The fit was TOTALLY different (much too big in the back end, usually a place that I don't have a problem with :wink: ) and the fabric was thicker, bulkier...not as comfortable. You just need to watch out for discrepancies within companies like that, as someone said earlier, Assos does the same with their models.

Now, I think that the purpose of the bib is really the big determining factor in fit and feel. My Assos S5 UNO bib doesn't feel like a second skin like my Castelli Body Paint does, nor is it supposed to. It's supposed to have that "all day" feel to it (although I could wear the Body Paint all day too), and the pad follows that function--it is much, MUCH bigger than any other bibs that I have. At first I found it uncomfortable, but I'm starting to adapt to it. Again, it's about the function of the bib, and the fit will *probably* follow.

That said, all the companies, whether it be Assos, Rapha, Castelli, Giordana, or Pearl Izumi or whatever, are going to have different fits. I think it's more about what company fits *you* rather than just simply choosing one.

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by nayr497

I have three pairs of the Assos Uno FIs and I love the fit, the compression, the understated design. Some days, I forget I have them on. Some days though the (light blue) chamois is just too thick and starts to bother me with too much pressure on the left side of my undercarriage. I end up having to shift around in the saddle too much and try to reposition the pad.

Two years back I picked up some Voler Elite FS bibs on sale for $50 to use for cross racing (didn't want to beat up/crash in) my more expensive road bibs.

I have to admit that on most rides, whether cross or road...I actually like the thinner pad (red) in my Volers. The quality and compression aren't quite as nice (my Assos around ~4 years old and one pair just went too thin in the bad, reduced to rollers sessions) as the Assos, but they've been great and that price can't be beat.

I'm checking out the Jet bibs and the Forza Pro from Voler. The Forza - better compression, but the pad seems HUGE. Jet shorts, same red chamois and I like the look better but in trying them can feel the fabric move over the chamois if you rub the pad from the outside with your hand. I've had other cheaper bibs with this issue be a problem during remounts, getting snagged on the saddle. The Forzas seem to be sewn/ bonded better and the fabric is firmly stuck to the pad.
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by konky

I like uno and mille bibs but the s 13 are the best Assos bib by some wide margin. Perfect chamois, ideal length, ultra light and spot on compression for me. Rapha are definitely worth a try. They are superb quality. In my view Assos and Rapha are the best you can get, which you prefer will be down to your personal taste and fit.

by Weenie

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by airwise

I pull on Biemme or Sportful everytime before I dig out the Assos these days. I left all my Rapha bibs at home, it was pointless bringing them to Europe.

It will take a lot to make me pay premium prices for bibs in the future. Lesson learned for me.

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