2011/12 Reynolds Attacks

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by waypastfast

Hello everyone, I am looking at getting a pair of 11/12 Reynolds Attacks and would like to know if anyone has or is using the wheelset. I understand the ones prior to 2011 have some issues and wonder if the improved braking surface has made a difference. Thanks for the input!

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by superleggera

Why are you buying Attacks?
You are getting all the disadvantages of carbon wheels with none of the advantages.
The are not aero
They have a carbon braking surface
They are not lighter than similarly priced aluminum wheels
They are less durable than aluminum

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by yubbers

Less durable? Please explain

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by rowdysluggins

I beg to differ. I own a set of MV32ULs and DV46ULs, and 2 sets of Alta races. The Attacks seem like great wheels to me. The rim is pretty much the same as the 32DV UL, and the KT hubs are really good - the same as Alta Races (mine have been going forever). The Attacks are lighter than any alu rims of similar depth, and are lighter than the Assaults. They are also easier to handle in gusty canyon winds than deeper rims, and are probably close to as aero with the hidden spoke nipples. They do require carbon pads (the Reynolds blue pads brake more consistently on carbon rims than normal pads with my Alu rims). For reference, I'm about 145 lbs in the off season, 140 other times. Also, my carbon rims have been as durable as any alu rims I have ever owned.

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by edroc73rp

I would go with the thinking that carbon should be used in deeper sections (38mm up) to reduce weight while attaining an aero advantage. For smaller profile i would go with alloy which can be both wide (has its advantages) and in the newer toroidal or foil section. Relatively light and stiffer (HED, C24, Boyd, Soul).

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by kervelo

If you like Reynolds Attacks, I think you should also check out the new Reynolds R2 wheels.
http://www.reynoldscycling.com/index.ph ... itm_pk=649" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;" onclick="window.open(this.href);return false;

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by waypastfast

I am also considering the assaults like the poster above mentioned about gaining that aerodynamic advantage. I should also ad I will be running Campy and weigh around 185 pounds.

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