20-hole Alloy rim suggestions

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by NYCPrynne

Unfortunately, I recently dented the rear rim of my scandium Dura-Ace tubeless wheels. The cost of a replacement rim is pretty outrageous, so I am thinking of rebuilding with a mismatched rear rim. It is a 20-hole DA hub.

I am considering a Kinlin XR-300 rim, but am open to any other suggestions.

by Weenie

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by HillRPete

Do you mean like this?
http://www.slanecycles.com/shimano-spar ... 16257.html
Agreed over 200 quid is not a steal, but on most rims you want more than 20 spokes.

Alternatively have you checked for good deals on Ultegra tubeless rear wheels? They are on sale much more than DA, and you still have the choice of rebuilding or not, and selling the extra DA or Ultegra hub ...

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by NYCPrynne

actually, i had not thought of picking up an ultegra tubeless rear wheel and then selling the ultegra hub. does anyone know if the scandium rim for the ultegra and the dura-ace tubeless wheels are the same? i would think the difference between the ultegra and dura-ace wheels are in the hub, but i have no real idea.

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by chris14

I read in a french review (topvelo march 2012) that the Dura-ace C50 and the Ultegra RS80 C50 (clincher deep section carbon) share the same rims. The only difference being the hubs and the spokes which are wider (more aero but heavier) :)

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