Best 28C tire?

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by dadoflam08

Over the past 12 month I have slowly converted to the pleasure of bigger tyres - from 2 x 23C I now use 1 x 25C + 1 x 28C.

Lighter, good performance tyres with reasonable durability are pretty easy to come by up to 25C (Conti GP 4000, Schwalbe Ultremo ZX etc) but 28C is a bit more challenging. Currently using Conti Grand Prix wire tyre with latex tube but looking for something a little more sprightly - can anyone suggest something to look at.

I notice that UK Cycling Plus are big fans of the Conti Gatorsking and particularly the Schwalbe Durano which are both available in 28 but not sure they offer much improvement(?)
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by NealH

I don't think the 28's offer much improvement over 25's in general. I ran the Specialized All-Condition 28's a few years ago during the winter and they were good tires. But for the past 3 years I've used Conti 4000 in 25 and they ride and perform great. No flats, reasonably lightweight, and good grip. Not the longest life tire by any means but the performance is solid. I pump them to 80#.

I think a 28 might be called for it you're riding dirt, gravel or other off-road type trails. For tarmac, the 25's are king.

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by HillRPete

I don't think the Gatorskins could be described as "sprightly", but they certainly are tough.

Personally I've been riding Conti's Attack/Force in summer, and 28mm Four Season in winter, and I'm very fond of both.

For the coming season I'm tempted to try Challenge Parigi-Roubaix clinchers for mixed terrain, but people on the interwebs¹ seem to rip through that one on a daily basis.

¹ at least those who care to post

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by DMF

Ultremo ZX is availabe in 28C, and Pro3 in 25C is actually closer to 27mm on most mid-width rims.

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by sawyer

DMF beat me to it. ZX in 28 or PR3/4 in 25mm (actual 27mm) are good bets.

Personally think it's OTT for anything except pave, or a town bike.
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by ms6073

What about the Challenge Parigi-Roubaix Open. I have used the companies narrower tires and although puncture resistance and tread life might be a bit on the short side, at 260 grams and 260 tpi, this seems like it would meet the OP's criteria.
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by Estelja

Grand Bois "Cerf green label" 700C x 29mm

Japanese made, good reviews, tan sidewall for that old school look.

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by toosahn

Expensive tires!

I use Panaracer T-servs and Pasela TGs.

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by prendrefeu

Yeah, but which one is the lightest?

I'm thinking about throwing some really large tires on my urban commuter, simply because it can take up to 48c and it will be a nice puffy, speedy ride. Any recommendations? Lighter = better. :twisted:
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by hansonator69

You know you want FMB's... :wink:
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by RussellS

Continental Grand Prix 4-Season 700x28mm. I use them and think they are OK. Don't get many or any flats. Not bad weight wise at around 252 grams. But they really only measure 26mm width.

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by 2002SaecoReplica

Vittoria Pave's in 27c.

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by mrowkoob

I think I´m going to try the Ultremo 28´s for the Paris-Roubaix cyclo. 24mm Paves was a bit harsh the last time around although they might not make the slightest difference it´s still going to be painful...
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by Privateer

I stocked up on Grand Bois in the Planet-X sale last week.

I just weighed them: 26mm is 226g, 28mm is 254g.

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by roca rule

i am going to take a wild guess here and say that the ultremo in 28 is going to be the lightest.

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