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by marathon50

Having problems with my Campagnolo Chorus 11s rear gear
shifting up perfect from the small to the large, but
going back down not going into gear with every click
on some of the clicks takes an extra few secords before
chain moves down any ideas?

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by tommasini

Cable friction issues.

Tight bends/binding, or maybe the ends of your liners aren't fully open and causing extra drag.

by Weenie

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by theremery

As's cable-drag.
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by Robroyski

Same as above.
Are you using original Campy cable set?

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by em3 addition to possible cable issue you will also want to check the alignment of your rear der hanger. EM3

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by neeb

Also check you have the cable going through exactly the right part of the fixing bolt / washer on the derailleur - a few years back the diagram in the manual was a bit confusing and if it is threaded wrongly the slightly altered angle of the cable as it exits the housing can create friction.

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Powerful Pete
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by Powerful Pete

Cable friction.

Would more likely discount a bent derailleur hanger - happened to me last week and the chain tends to jump a lot on the cogs - has more trouble settling into a gear, if it does at all.
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by marathon50

Solved :D washer holding cable on wrong way around. Very poor diagram on the manuel
funny how a small thing like this can give so much hassle. Had taken a picture of this
before I moved to new frame but deleted it by mistake. Have had the cable on and
off a hundred times tried everything, now solved in 2 minutes
Thanks all

by Weenie

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