Limar Pro 104 or Giro Atmos

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by kregg

Lots of thumbs up around here for the 104 but no dealers in my area to try that bucket on. Tried the Atmos on today and very comfy.....

Now here is the kicker, Nashbar is having a silly sale today can get both for between $100 - $110 shipped! but gotta now soon.... so should I go Limar or Giro? I see the biggest concern is ventilation with the flat Limar but my small noggin may look better with a low profile lid. Other than that the Atmos is probably about 50+g. Does that sound about right? If so I'll go Limar.

THanks for the help folks, clock is ticking and used the "sale" ploy on the wife and got the green light! ;)
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by Martin.F

From my experience (I work in a shop that sells both brands), for every 50 Limar 104 we get back with broken clips we get 1 Giro. The Limars just keep breaking right in the clip that connects the adjustment mechanism to the rest of the neck straps.

Other than that, Giro helmets are really really great. I prefer them over Limars any day.
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by kregg

Sweet thanks for the tip, I got both in my cart.... will give it an hour or so, delete one (Limar if no one else chimes in) and complete the order! :)
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by uraqt


I have only used top of the line Giro helmets ( I have used everyone) and would have never thought about changing brand until i got the Atmos... The extra weight, more noise and less cooling than the ionos has made me think about getting a different brand .. catlike or spec...

I feel like i wasted my $ and I paid $100,( great deal back then) I could have got the ionos or the pneumo at the time for $50 to $60 but now they are back up to $100

One of my friends agreed with me until he bought aeon, however they are big $$$$


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by yongkun

have used the pro 104 and ionos. ionos definitely wins in ventilation and style factor. the 104 is incredibly light, doesnt feel like you are wearing anything, but downside is its ugly looks. never had any issues with the 104 though.

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by cazone

I have a 104 for almost 5 years now.
It's very light and very well ventilated. Limar replaced the pads for free recently.
The only concern is it looks.

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by Juanmoretime

My Atmos broke in less than two years. Not crash broke but fell apart. My 104 after two years is still fine but is now retired. I only use a helmet for two years. The medium in both fit right.

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by sideshow_bob

We have a local online store that has had the 104s on sale a few times.

I initially bought 2. I destroyed on in a high speed high-side on a concrete velodrome track, helmet destroyed, head ok.

The remaining one, I probably clocked 15,000k in, in 2010. End of 2010 it was still perfect, and my son sort of 'borrowed' it and is using it to this day.

In 2011, I bought 3 more. One is still in the box, the other two have had hard lives and are still perfect. No issues whatsoever.

I find the super lightness on them awesome, feels like you're wearing nothing on top.


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by record

I will never consider any Limar products because of the way I have been treated by their representatives during last Eurobike. Bunch of ******.

Are you only limited to this two option? Atmos is nice, but quite heavy, I would consider some different brands like Kask or Lazer.
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by kregg

Thanks for the help all. Limar on order!! :beerchug:
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by cwdzoot

The Giro feels a lot more secure on the head and fits so much better than the 104 but it's hard not to want a helmet as light as the 104.

Owned them both and now moved onto Kask. Much happier with it than the Limar or Giro.
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