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by pRoto

Hi there,

The weather starting to be friendly these days, so I am thinking to upgrade my old pinarello paris.
I have old, well kind a old wheelset, mavic ksyrium (it weight about 1800g..).

I see chinesse companies sell not very expensive wheelsets.

So what you people should recommend to me, on going to high profile ~60-88mm wheels, or low profile ~38-50mm wheels?

Ofcourse high profile wheels are a bit more heavy, but will I get the benefit from aero for example in not very hilly place?

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by RollingGoat

I'd go with something mid-depth because then you can have a nice balance between the two, plus a really deep wheel might be hard to control in the wind.
I'm so rubbish at this.

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by eric

Aero beats light weight except on climbs. And even then aero benefits on the descent may outweigh (so to speak) the benefits from lighter weight.

You can do some modelling of your favorite race on

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by pRoto

Actually I am thinking on goind something like 50f/50r or 50f/88r or 88f/80r, like I said its not very hilly, almost flat everything. But the places where I ride are almost always open, so wind is not weak. What you people think?

My average speed is something like 30-35 km/h depends on wind, food, sleep, other.. One day I made a 30km ride and got something like 38km/h with my ksyriums, but it was only 1 time, no wind in evening.

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by HillRPete

Lots of pros are using mid-depth wheels on moderately hilly races such as classics. From what I can tell over 60mm is reserved for the flattest fastest days. Food for thought.

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by Tinea Pedis

There are threads already on this.

Please, have a search. Heaps of great info already :thumbup:

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