align lever bottom with bars

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by PoorCyclist

Here is what I have now. I care a little less about flat transition, there is plenty of ramp area anyway to put the hands

by Weenie

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by thisisatest

poorcyclist, boots,
that looks awesome!
interesting that so many here choose the classic bend.

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by boots2000

I always tell people that classic bars allow for more "dynamic positioning".
Yes there is a dropoff to the hoods, yes the hoods are further away- but for performance riding and racing that is what you want. You have a good 5 different positions on this type of bar.
If having the hoods feel like the tops is what is what you want- get a super small compact bar and run the hoods up high on the bars-

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by djconnel

Using the ramps is definitely old-school!


SRAM recommends aligning the top of the hoods with the straight line on the bars, for a flat transition.


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by PoorCyclist

Here is the side by side.

I can't deal with FSA, if you like things pointing at a tilt than it is for you.
but I do OK with Zipp short and shallow, but TB for something I ride the most.

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by Ozrider

I have to agree that some "old school" fitting methodology does not work as well with modern bars, and even some older bike fitting methodology does not produce the most efficient position on the bike for all riders.
My SRAM levers on 2 different bars are aligned so that their is a flat transition on the tops. It works really well for my setup.
On my classic bend bars on my steel bike I am really struggling to get my DA7800 leers to be in a position with a good transition. I'm finding the old style dip to the hoods to be uncomfortable.
I might have to swap my Cinelli Giro 64 bars to some Nittos to get the right fit.
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