Cannondale sl crankset on S-works sl3 roubaix?

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by Jammyauto

Newbie here looking for a little help. I'm building up my first bike from scratch and it looks like I should have done a little homework first. I've got a new 2011 S-works roubaix sl3 frame. The frame has a carbon shell where the BB goes that's 46mm dia. And about 62mm wide. I did not get any BB parts with the frame.

I ordered a "complete" BB for this frame from my Lbs. After waiting a couple weeks for it to come in I went to pick it up and they handed me 2 bearings. :? I asked where the rest of the BB was. At first they insisted that was it. I told them I thought it came with some bearing cups that locate the bearing at regular BB30 width. They did not have the cups (I ordered them). They told me that the cups do not space out the bearings past the 62mm width. Is this true? Is there any way to mount my already purchased cannondale crankset on this frame without a bunch of really thick spacers? My lbs suggested I buy the s-works crankset but I'd like to run the cannondale because it's lighter and I already own it.

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by gpeterson63

so a 46mm shell means press-fit 30, no? so you should've gotten more than just the 2 BB30 bearings. I don't know Specialized too well and what's up with their skinnier width 62mm shell but the 46mm diameter is PF30

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by crohnsy

Your frame should have come with the required nylon cups. OSBB is similar to pressfit where the BB30 bearings press into cups which press into the frame.

The cups do have a "lip" to them to space the BB to the required BB30 width.

If you bought the frame from the shop you are dealing with they owe you a set of cups for the OSBB. Once you have those cups everything installs as normal for a BB30 crankset.

As you can see from my post made about installing my Zipp crankset thew nylon cups have a lip to space the bb to the correct width.

crohnsy wrote:Still waiting on a few more parts but I have the cranks installed!

The Zipp distributor in Canada didn't bring in the BB30 adapters so I made my own as seen here.



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by thisisatest

as mentioned, Specialized carbon OSBB is NOT pf30. it is 46mm in diameter, but it is narrower overall. the specialized cups (that should have come with your frame) take the frame to 68mm and the i.d. to 42mm, essetially making it bb30. after that, all is straightforward.
the cups are cheap, but require a call from a specialized dealer to their inside rep, as their online ordering system does not list that part separately.

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by Jammyauto

Thanks guys. I guess I'll just wait for the cups. Love the project yellow!

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