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by stella-azzurra

I still have my 2001 Geo C40 and 2003 Mapei C40 which I feel fits me really well among all the other bikes I have. It's a solid all around bike although by today standards heavy.
I have pics of them somewhere on this forum.
I will suggest keeping the bike in the period since that is where it belongs.
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by c50jim

I don't know that particular model of Wheelsmith but presume it's one with the new style wider rims. I usually ride with Velocity Aeroheads and find them to be good on my C40s. I also used Campy Nucleons (Neutron with silver spokes) on my 95 C40. They're 10 years old and still one some bike of mine. I find I like the wider rims (Velocity A23 in my case) on my Extreme Power and EPS because I can run them with less pressure and get a better ride. I haven't tried them on my C40s though because its ride is a lot less jarring than the newer frames and it's winter so can't really do it now.

If you're looking for a deal on Nucleons, try Ribble ( I think). I got a set from them a few months ago for my Wilier and their price was great. Delivered in about a week from the UK to Canada.

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