Mavic Ksyrium SL 2012 vs. Tune TSR 27 vs. ?

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by g_k


I'm looking for a light everyday clincher wheelset and have narrowed it down to the above two wheelsets. Any opinions, recommandations, objections?



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by 2ndgen

Don't know about the Tunes, but...

I ride a set of '11 Mavic Ksyrium Elites which are identical to the SL's except for the
SL hubs having more carbon bits and the spoke material being stainless steel for the
Elites VS aluminum for the SL's and an average 65g & $400. price difference. The rims
on the SL's & Elites are identical.

I've put my Elites through hell at 99kg. They are awesome. I would imagine that the
SL's would be better than the Elites (though could never quantify by how much).
The Mavics might be easier to service if need be and offer a 2 Year no questions
asked warranty option as well.

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by WasFab

Anyone would know to tell about the mavic cosmic carbone SL 2012. As a pair is declared 1740 gram but I heard good things about them. Anyone has them?

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by bricky21

Of the 2 I like the Tune. The Ksyiums are very tough wheels, but everything is proprietary. The Tunes are more standard, so if you wreck them for whatever reason you still have a great set of hubs to rebuild your wheels with whatever spokes and rims you want.

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by lee16

The Ksyiums are too heavy (Mavic claims they are 1400g but they fell heavy).... I would get the MAVIC R - SYS SL Wheelset (1295g). Also change out the Mavic inner tubes (100g each) and skewers to lightweight ones

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