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by sastre

headwind816 wrote:@sastre - ride report please :mrgreen:

well what can i say i dont think this saddle is for me. this is my first prologo so hard to judge but its has very firm padding around the ridge's im not sure if there all the same. have done around 100 miles so far and will try different shorts/pad this weekend. the problem ive got is that the area between my (sack and crack) perineum technical term rubs on the edges ill give it a wile. it does feel comfortable in different poisson's.
have found im getting pins and needlles in my foot when im off the bike so im looking into that.
thinking i might try a scratch ill see what happens. i was riding a selle italia before which was'nt working for me after a year and half off the bike and had no trouble so all this is a little baffaling. :roll: :roll:
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by ultyguy

Bump on this one. I've been riding the Pro Plus 134 for a couple of years now after moving over from the Flite Gel Flow (older version). I switched because the Flite felt mushy for me and this has the channel relief needed yet is harder base and still rounded w/ a narrow nose that doesn't brush your thighs.

On the first post, there were some pro team version, anyone seen these in the wild? Where to get them?

Finally, I think the new Fizik VSX saddles are aimed very squarely at this saddle. Anyone tried any of those yet?

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by rijndael

ultyguy wrote:Finally, I think the new Fizik VSX saddles are aimed very squarely at this saddle. Anyone tried any of those yet?

Yes, I have one. What do you want to know?

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by 11.4

The TR saddles have always had solid Ti rails, a denser padding, thicker shell with a different cutout pattern, plus they've always come with Lorica covers rather than microfiber. It makes them last a lot longer -- more durable and also stays clean. It's the same stuff that Sidis are made out of. I can't tell from the photos about the one in the photo here, but I have the same saddle and it's still Lorica. And I'm not sure it's an improvement over the non-plus version. If it doesn't fit you exactly right, you tend to rock on it a bit. I certainly don't have as much front and back (or alternatively, more or less hip rotation) flexibility on this new saddle.

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