180mm power meter crank options

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by iscarrr

I've done a bit of looking around, and haven't seen a lot of options!

New road bike is campy. The new Campy SRM cranks don't look to be available in 180mm sadly. Have I got any other options or if i want to keep 180mm cranks do I have to go with a powertap or hypothetical power meter pedals?

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Had a mate who wanted 177.5 cranks and had to settle with 175, as could not get any longer than that for SRM.

Did you look at Power2Max? They have a TA Specialities crank in a variety on lengths.

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by CamW

P2M also do Lightning cranks which come in a huge range of lengths.

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by Geoff

You can get the SRM Professional in 180mm, no problems.

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by Dustin


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by drchull

If quart is still doing them you can do lightning in Quarq as well, just have to order the crank first (get the clydesdale it is only a few g more).

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