Fulcrum and Campy freehub compatibility?

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by SW

Anyone know if you could put the freehub body from a set of campy neutron or zonda wheels on a set of fulcrum racing speed? I'm looking into a set of fulcrums but would need to change for a campy freehub and I've got a few pairs of neutrons and sinews laying around. Anyone try this?

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by brearley

fulcrum zero, 1,3, speed and light use the same freehub as campagnolo neutron, shamal, eurus, bora and possibly zonda

fulcrum hubs are the same as campagnolo, the more expensive use a 15mm axle whereas cheaper use a 12mm axle

by Weenie

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by fdegrove


17mm and 15mm respectively actually. ;)
Even old style 17mm inner diameter Campa bodies with the fully round spindle hole will go onto new style squared off (lobed) spindlesbut not the other way around, i.e. new bodies won't fit an old style spindles.

Ciao, ;)
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by SW

Thanks guys, that's what I expected...I'll give it a go!

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