2013 UCI Aero Water Bottle Dimensional Regulations

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by mtnplanner

Wondering if anyone has any insight into the legality some of the existing popular aero water bottles (eg. Arundel) given the implementation of Aero Water Bottle regulations by the UCI in 2013 (http://velonews.competitor.com/2011/12/news/saddlegate-revisited_200823)? The primary reason I ask is because I had been considering purchasing an Arundel Chrono bottle for the forthcoming season. I have not, unfortunately, ever seen an Arundel - can anyone confirm measurements? The scant bit of information that I can find on the internet (http://bicycling.com/blogs/boulderreport/2011/12/23/slouching-toward-homologation/) suggests that the existing Arundel Chrono bottle design will not conform starting in 2013.

Have any well-informed WWs heard that Arundel might choose to redesign the bottle and maintain the existing bottle cage design? If that's the case, I would be more inclined to purchase and use a soon-to-be non-compliant bottle system in 2012, knowing that I can 'upgrade' the bottle itself (or is it downgrade?) at the end of season for 2013.

Would love to hear people's thoughts. Thanks in advance.
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by 2011

"And bottles themselves must not exceed maximum cross-section dimensions of 10cm or less than 4cm. That would rule out current aero bottles from Bontrager and Arundel, which is 11.5cm tall at its largest point. Bottles must also have capacities between 400 milliliters and 800ml.

Bontrager may elect to re-design their bottle but Arundel, a smaller parts company that sponsors Garmin for aero bottles but sells the Chrono mostly to amateur triathletes, might not.

(The Arundel bottle would need to add .5cm of width at its narrowest point, shrink 1.5cm at its tallest, but its 591ml capacity would allow for those changes and still meet the 400ml minimum volume requirement.)"

http://bicycling.com/blogs/boulderrepor ... ologation/

Are you actually governed by UCI rules where you're racing? Or you just prefer to play by the rules?

by Weenie

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by Craigagogo

WTF! UCI has a water bottle rule now, that's it I quit!
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by hansonator69

They needed these water bottle rules. Because if they didn't have these great rules, I could attach a water tank to my bike and call it a water bottle. :smartass:
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by 2011

...and that damn water bottle was just making me go WAY too fast. It was really giving me an unfair advantage.

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