Is my fork OK?

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by rbrtwyn

Opinions please:

I just bought a new EC70 fork. I installed it yesterday and like an idiot I left it in the frame while I walked away for a few seconds. The fork slid out and landed on the concrete floor. The dropouts hit first and then it kind of landed on it's side. Other than a few paint chips on the dropouts (they are alloy), it appears ok but I wanted to get your opinion.

The bike was in a work stand and the fork probably dropped a maximum of 2-3 feet.

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by Bigger Gear

It's probably OK, the weight of fork does not create much impact compared to the weight when one is riding the bike. The only thing I would closely inspect is the bond of dropout to fork leg. Just check around each dropout and make sure there are no signs of any cracking. Usually there is a little excess glue in this area. Also try to wiggle or pull on each dropout. And if you ride the fork, check the dropouts frequently.

You could also find a LBS or builder local that has dropout alignment tools. Not much one can do with a carbon fork to align them except file the dropouts, and it is possible that if they are not perfect they were not perfect before the fork was dropped.

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