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by beardking

I've done a previous post about having problems with my power meter and now I'm having problems with the company i bought it from cycle power meters.

when my power meter stopped working for the second time i rang them up on the wednesday to explain my problem and see what they could do about it. The "tech" guy i spoke to said he could not think of a reason for it to be doing what it was doing and that he would have to speak to quarq and get back to me. he said he would ring back the next day (thursday) which he never did, i rang up that afternoon to see if i could speak to him and was told he would be in at the end of the day and would ring me up before they closed or first thing the next morning. NO PHONE CALL FRIDAY.
Had a busy day at work monday so i didn't get to ring them back till tuesday. spoke to the tech guy again on tuesday and he said that the quarq must be faulty and to send it back. they were away at a try show all last week so he said if i posted it at the start of this week they would repair it and send it back out the same day they received it. i sent it monday and i have confirmation that it was received tuesday at 9.30am. giving them the benefit of the doubt that maybe they couldn't get it out the same day i was expecting the power meter to be back here today when i finished work. which it wasn't.
phoned them up just and after getting my names and details they put me on hold while they find out if they received the parcel/ whats going on with it. Turns out they now don't have the parts and won't have them for at least a week, i was pretty shocked speechless. I think i said something like "ermmmm ok" then "thanks bye"

has anyone else dealt with them? are they always this lax?

when i ordered the power meter they said on the phone "it'll be with you tomorrow" then when it wasn't and i rang up 2 or 3 days later they said they were waiting on parts.
every time i try and phone them it takes a few times before i get through. they close really early at 5pm every night and when i've tried ringing at any time after 4:30 i've never had an answer.

surely they should have rang me to explain all the problems? or sent me an email or something?

right now i feel like phoning them tomorrow and cancelling my order......... just trying to figure out if i can afford an arm or if i can order a quarq from anywhere else.

sorry for the rambling and ranting.

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by Dammit

They are pretty slow with responding to inquiries, and sometimes just don't bother.

I've not bought anything from them- I've tried to, but they never got back to me so I went elsewhere.

For Cannondale SRM kit you have Scientific Coaching, who are priced identically to Cycle Power Meters, but, crucially, respond to emails in a timely fashion.

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by beardking

am i within my rights to ask for/ will i get a refund?

Refunds and faulty goods
A trader will usually offer you a refund for a faulty item if you:
have proof of purchase, eg a receipt
haven’t had a chance to use the item or have only used the item a few times
If you’ve had or used the item for a longer period of time, by law you have ‘accepted’ the goods. You won’t be entitled to a refund, but the trader should offer to repair or replace the item.
A repair must fix the original fault (eg a broken zip). If it doesn’t, you can then ask for either a refund or replacement.
You may need to get legal advice about whether you have accepted the goods.
For example, you probably wouldn’t have the right to a refund if you used a lawnmower for months and the blade broke. But if you bought the lawnmower in the winter and couldn’t use it until the spring, you may have the right to a refund.
Each situation will be different, so it’s best to speak to the trader as soon as you discover the fault.

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