SS EVO 2 Red Wheelset Recommendations

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by mre1208

sooo, as a result of an accident, I'm in a position to buy a new bike. I'm almost 100% certain that I'll be ordering a Cannondale SS EVO 2 Red build--they come with the Ksyrium Elites, which seem nice, but I still have my set of Easton EA90 SLX's from the old bike, and it looks like I can pull around $600-650 USD from the ksyriums...If I were to sell them in that ballpark range, I'd be open to add $400-500 on top for a set of carbon clinchers. I figure that's a fair budget to spend on a decent carbon set, but I was wondering if anybody had any personal experience with wheelsets on an EVO build. I'm a mid-size rider-- 5'5, around 160-165 lbs., and I seem to feel better between 40-60 mm depth. Also, would I be best suited to sell the Ksyriums as planned, or does anybody think that I should keep those and sell the EA90 SLX's (2010). I'll quit rambling and listen...haha. Thanks!

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by andyindo

Why not get a light wheelset rather?Carbon clinchers are nice but generally not that light. You have a superlight bike, may as well get some light wheels like a custom set of Stans Alpha 340 or Kinlins rims.

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by xyzgeoman

I'm in process with that same build. I went with Stans Alpha team for training. I hear they're good for sealing up smaller holes.I like that idea, though I'm not a regular flatter anyway. But i like the peace of mind. They ride very well. Race wheels will be DT Swiss425/525 tubs.
I just need a bar and saddle thatfit me better and I'm rollin'.

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by motorthings

Another wheelset that is comparably pretty aero, and avaialable used at pretty good prices are the Dura Ace 7850 carbon/al clincher or the newer 7900. They are specced at 1380g for the set, have DA hubs (which are amazing), are durable, and have a great ride quality.

There is also a scandium DA wheelset that is tubeless compatible, but I believe they are heaver.

The 7900's just came out, so you can find pretty good deals on the 7850's new or used.

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