Help me pick a crankset!!

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by Stefano

Sort of OT, but how is it that such an old design hasn't been mimicked/ outdated by now? Machining two clamshells and glueing them together is a good idea, but it's not that hard to do. Why are companies like ee and rotor drilling out the insides of their crankarms when it is simpler, cheaper, and lighter the way cannondale does it :noidea:

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by MarkThailand

I am also in a build process for my Lynskey Helix OS.

Before you commit to a crankset, what are your plans for the rest of the groupset?

If you are considering the new 2012 SRAM Red, then I think you should go read the SRAM News Brewing thread.

My original/current build plan for my Lynskey Helix OS was/is:

Cockpit: Enve Compact Carbon Handle bars and Stem
Fork: Enve 1.0
Headset: Chris King
Brake/Shifters: 2012 SRAM Ergo.. Red or 2012 SRAM Red
Brakes: eeBrakes
Cranks: Cannondale Hollowgram SL SI 34/50
Bottom bracket: SRAM PF30 with Enduro ceramic bearings
Pedals: Speedplay Zero Stainless
Front Derailleur: 2012 SRAM Red Yaw FD or 2011 SRAM Red Steel Cage FD
Rear Derailleur: 2012 SRAM Red Aeroglide RD or 2011 SRAM Red RD
Cassette and chain: Shimano DuraAce
Saddle: Fizik Aliante Carbon rail
Wheels: HED C2 Rims White Industries H2/3 Hubs Sapim CX-Ray Spokes 28F2x and 32R3x
Tires: Continental GP4000s 23mm

There might be some technical issues regarding the compatibility of the new 2012 SRAM Red Yaw FD with the Cannondale Hollowgram SL SI cranks or not.

With Regards,

2012 Lynskey R330 with SRAM Red Quarq
2013 Parlee Z1 with DA 9070
2013 Lynskey Helix OS II with SRAM Red

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by micropox

since it's a BB30 frame, go for hollowgram SISL with Praxis rings!

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by fastrow23

Zitter wrote:hollowgrams, just ordered some for my next caad10

no substitute on a cannondale


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by artray

Quite often overlooked , stronglight helion ,nice weight ,620 grms [everything] bb30 and bomb proof

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by mattlawro

For me it's got to be cannondale SL or SISL. Light and super stiff perfect match for a CAAD frame.
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by Getter

Another vote for the SISL.

I got the GXP Red and 24mm Rotor 3D. I can't tell the difference between the two.

If you want performance and save some coin...get the Red...otherwise...go for the Hollowgrams! :mrgreen:

The other interesting option is the Specialized crank mentioned earlier. I was actually looking into that crank before I got the Rotor. Only reason I didn't get it was that I read that the spindle wasn't long enough for the Cannondale bottom bracket. I didn't want to take the chance on buying it and have it not fit. :noidea:

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by prendrefeu

The reason I posted the Specialized S-Works as an option was simple:

-They've been tested to have an on par* SxW ratio as the SiSL's.
-We keep seeing SiSl's on more than just Cannondales, why not reverse it?
-The S-works has a spindle interface which is proven to be fantastic. See Lightning & Campagnolo's Ultra-Torque series for reference.
-They are pretty damn good lookin' in person.
-They are underrated and still a hidden gem in the world of cranks. While everyone has been fapping away to SiSL's and paying high prices for even used ones, the S-Works continue to perform well, look good, and can be found often for cheap (because that person drank the SiSL-only drink)

*Maybe even slightly better, I forget. I believe it was a Tour magazine test and was mentioned on this forum earlier this year.
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