Toes goes numb in new Specialized S-Works shoes

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by Rick

FWIW: I am also very careful in tightening the BOA dials. Just enough to take out the cable slack plus a couple clicks for light snugness.

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by VTBike

I personally love my sworks shoes - they are the Best Shoes I've Ever Had (tm)...:)

Anyway - just for the heck of it, I would move your cleats all the way back, and make sure that they are positioned properly facing forward. My guess is that the cleat position is causing your issue. The Sworks shoes are a world stiffer than the shoes your coming off of - and if you put the cleat in the same position, you are probably experiencing a side effect of the fact that the sole does not give like your old shoes did, and therefore are putting extra pressure on the front of your foot.

I have the blue soles in mine, which did make a huge difference.. But I have to say - they are pretty pricey. If you have not done it, you should pay $75 to get a basic bike fit to assess your foot position - it could end up being money much better spent.

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by nathanong87

i swapped from sidi to s-works over winter

some things (already stated)

could be too tight. i usually make a "knuckle" with my toes and tighten the lower boa to accomadate for slight expansion. i've had numbness due to pulling my sidi velcro too tight.

s-works are noticeably wider than sidiv in toe box.

cleat position def could be the problem as with sidi my left cleat position was well "wrong" and causing thumb toe to go number beyond 2 hours (and due to winter, i thought it was due to beind cold)

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by Greenduck

Thanks for all the replies guys. I can see there are a lot of options to try to solve the issue.

I might be tightening the BOA's too tight or at least the front BOA. I will also try to experimenting a bit with the cleat position. At the moment I have the standard footbed inserted. Maybe I should try the medium footbed or maybe the most supporting footbed.

Thanks again for all the help. I will write when I have tried the different options.
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by r_mutt

my feet hurt in that initial period when i cinch my s-works shoes down tightly. i found that if i start with them a bit loose at first, loose enough that my feet feel like they move around ever so slightly in them, then after i'm warmed up a bit (20-30 mins), i tighten them down, they don't seem to hurt. it's just that initial 10-15 minutes where my foot takes a while to get used to being inside a snug shoe.

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