Campagnolo 11s Toolkit

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by robertbb

Hi Weenies,

The time has come for me to invest in a suite of good tools and a few books so I can work on my two Campagnolo 11s (Chorus) bikes. Aside from the odd bit off tuning here and there, I am a complete newbie and rely on my bike shop for pretty much everything...

So, help me out :-) What are the tools I will need to be able to completely strip/build my bikes, and also maintain them? From a learning point of view, obviously the Campagnolo website and youtube channels have a lot of information on them, but I'd love to grab a good printed book/manual on everything Campagnolo 11s - does such a thing exist?


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by digitalnorbs

only thing I can think off right now is tool to take off the bb cups.

everything else is just alen wrenches

by Weenie

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by HammerTime2

Some of the bolts require torx "wrenches" as opposed to Allen wrenches (hex keys).

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by Powerful Pete

Chain tool, cassette tool...
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by claus

Did you get the instruction manuals for all Campagnolo components on your bike? AFAICT those list the tools that are required, e.g., Torx T25, 5mm Allen wrench.

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by surftel

I like the 10mm crank tool. Don't waste the money on the chain tool, just use the KMC 11 quick links. Otherwise all pretty standard....although I am looking at the bearing puller for the cranks, that would be nice

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by BobSantini

Campy or compatible chain tool unless using KMC chains. Then you may want missing link pliers for chain removal.
B B cup tool - spanner same as Shimano torqued with weighing scale or use Campy socket with large torque wrench.
Crank spindle bolt tool - long Allen wrench (Pedro's is good) torqued with a weighing scale or Campy long Allen bit torqued with large torque wrench.
Campy compatible cassette tool.
Small torque wrench with a T25 Torx bit and hex bits for brifters and brakes. Useful for stems and other things too.
I found a short extension was necessary between the wrench and the torx bit for the brifters.
Cable cutter or Dremel.
You may or may not require a pedal spanner. An Allen key is sufficient for most pedals.
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by Weenie

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