Vittoria Corsa EVO CX - 21mm or 23mm?

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by baldkingpin

Haven't raced these tires for a few years and can't recall which width I used, tho' I think it was 21mm. Also, can't find a single old thread focusing on the two available widths. I'm going to pick up a few for new Easton EC90 carbon rims (56mm) and have a few questions:

Is the 21mm truly 21mm?
Weight, rr difference between the two?
Any handling issues with the narrow 21mm in technical crit.'s?
It seems the 21mm is much more common than the 23mm, reason?


by Weenie

Phill P
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by Phill P

what sort of racing and what surface?

I'd only be riding 21mm on very smooth even surfaces.

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by snips

Not much weight difference between the two, I use a 21 up front and 23 on the rear...just feels right for the size of rider I am!

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by athletic91

time to bring up this post again. is the 21mm ACTUALLY 21mm ?

Because i will get the 21mm if they are actual measure as 22.5mm or somthing..

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by globetrekker

Last I used them they seemed to be pretty much on the money, 21mm. The 23mm ones are really nice, very comfortable.

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by woz9683

They do measure pretty close to spec. I've got 21s on my 404s right now. They feel nice to me, and I ride some pretty crap roads.

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by fdegrove


It's becoming harder and harder to use 21mm and smaller tyres nowadays.
Should you be able to sustain 50km/h for a considerable time doing a lead, I'd suggest the narrower tyre up front and the wider one at the rear.
Adjust tyre pressure so that the front wheel sees about 25 psi less than the rear one and you're good to be fast.

Ciao, ;)
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by sbh1973

I have 23mm on my Ksyrium SLs (which I largely abandoned for carbon tubulars last year, but still use). These have been the best tires I've ever owned. I've had great luck with them, which I understand is not typical for this very high-end, but not very durable clincher. 1800 trouble free miles so far.

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by rustychain

I will go against the flow here as I found the 21 to ride like a garden hose ( like conti comps :unbelievable: )
I do like the 23's however. I am also a bit perplexed as everything I read says 23's are faster on all but the smoothest surfaces. :noidea:
Anyway I just today got 6 of them in 23, I have an old set of 21's that will get used for spares someday :oops:
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by Kayrehn

My Reynolds DV46 comes with instructions that says tires should not be anything less than 22mm. Since Vittoria comes in either 21 or 23, I went for the latter. Does the EC90 comes with such instructions?

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by KvnP

I don't know about riding 21's but if so, I'd probably use it up front & 23 rear.

Maybe it's more mental but I feel a lot more comfortable cornering w/ 23's
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by sawyer

I have a 21mm front on my Boras that measures 22mm

And a 23mm rear.

With v-shaped rims the 21mm front will typically give a smoother rim-tyre transition and probably be significantly more aero.

Main thing you are sacrificing is comfort ... which depends largely on the surfaces where you ride and your wheels/bike. If you can get away with it then the 21mm up front might be faster. Certainly for a TT on smooth roads I'd go with 21mm front.
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by strobbekoen

my 21s 320 TPI measure 21.8mm at 100psi

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by maxima

My 1st batch of 320tpi vittoria came in at 24.9mm for the 23mm width. It was wider than I expected. My veloflex extreme came in at 21.2mm vs the 22mm it suppose to be. Having state that, that was 1st batch from vittoria 1.5 years back if memory corrects. I did not ride it as it's for my team mates. I've tested mavic new 23mm tubular recently, came in at 22mm. The mavics made by vittoria are much heavier n seems very resistance to cuts. I like the extra protection, especially having come from years of conti tubulars. I'll be surprise if vittoria ever accurate with stated width. I'll be interests to know the actual width of 24mm pave tubular??

by Weenie

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by noonan1970

I have two new 21's in package for $59 each shipped if you interested

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