Weight vs Aero questions for you flat road races.

Discuss light weight issues concerning road bikes & parts.
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by bricky21

The difference between you+bike with 420's and you+bike with 404's is like point two percent.

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by thisisatest

JAX11 wrote:It must be the anti placebo effect I take these out on the road and they feel sluggish.

in hard acceleration efforts, zipps can feel sluggish due to extra wind-up allowed by their rear hub lacing pattern. their trade-off is greater lateral stiffness, but a lot of people say they feel less snappy.
some wheel test somewhere (possibly rouesartisanales, but maybe tour mag) showed approx double torsional flex over competitors. note that this affects "feel", not necessarily performance

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by justkeepedaling

In other words, it could be the most sluggish feeling, flexible wheels, and on a flatish course, most aero would still win. Hell you could probably run 2200 gram wheels and as long as they are aero, you'd still be faster.

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by hansonator69

If you want to be aero, tape over your helmet vents. I'm sure the weather at this time of year shouldn't be too much of a problem...
Slam your stem.

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