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by mafu

in my haste to change a rear flat i tightened the skewer, then pushed it closed upon the frame, not the space where i shld have (my Felt frame was aluminum there) so being a full carbon frame (i think) i inadvertently left a little dent from pushing the skewer down in the wrong place. im very irrate for being so stupid, its a brand new, and beautiful frame, but have i stuffed it? any advice welcome - i feel terrible. will vist store of purchase sat, but in the meantime...

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by em3

Pictures please....simply can't tell with out a pic

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by Gregorio

Take it to your lbs. A picture is usually not going to be a reliable source unless there is obvious catastrophic failure.

Does the rear wheel fit in the drops correctly now?

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by weeracerweenie

i have an sl3 sworks also, and i work for a specialized distributor. can you put a photo up?
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by milkbaby

Dangerous... Send it to me for free disposal... ;)

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by mafu

pic attached....awesome frame by the way....upgraded from a felt f4....'free disposal' - now that's a good one!
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by aaric

looking at those marks, and my understanding that the sl3 dropouts are aluminum, I think you are fine.

similar marks on this pro bike:
http://www.cyclingnews.com/features/pho ... sl3/167055

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by terminus

yep SL3 uses hollowbox alu dropouts, it's fine-- I have a lot of marks near at the rear dropouts.

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by goodboyr

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by mafu

i feel much better thanks - kudos for posting that pic too - good on you for making the effort - identical markings. ive had the frame a week, and apart for the annoying nosiy BB bearings from riding through unexpected flooding, the frame is amazing, albeit a bit hairy in big cross-winds, its so light - gotta get used to it. i can't believe how it keeps its form on descent, and climbing, well, if your head's in a good place, you'll go forever.

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