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by haydos

I've been using the Easton TKO Carbon classic bend track bar on my road bike and I really love the bend. (it is the same bend as the EC90 Equipe Classic from a couple of years back). I've looked over a couple of forums for a similar bar but havn't had much luck. The problem is the bars weigh over 300g and I want to save some weight. I wish Easton made the Equipe bar again!

I've also got Rotundo Ltd's (which I don't like much - too deep and too much transition to the campy hoods)

Is there any suggestions guys?

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by sideshow_bob

I hear you. I have the TKO's on both my track bikes, and they are the perfect shape for me.

I just put the Ritchey WCS Classic's on my new road bike build. They are nice, but the shape isn't the same as the TKO's ... still looking.

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by Stolichnaya

That TKO is heavy for sure, but it certainly won't flex like standard road bars.
Not sure about the measurements of that TKO you have, but perhaps the (non-anatomic) Newton Shallow would work. It has a 80 reach and 135 drop. The Newton is an alu bar, but lighter than the TKO. Deda also has the Campione carbon bar with a classic drop. 143 drop / 80 reach
The Ritchey Classic is an alu bar with Drop 138 / Reach 80. It should save some grams. <-- ah, edit, sideshow bob states the transition is off.

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by kgt

Ritchey WCS Classic

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by simon

as mentioned, ritchey and deda newton shallow come pretty close, but both have a bit more reach than the easton's 75 mm.
i used the easton tko on my race bike and ritchey bars on the training bikes with mechanical and electronic dura ace and there was no noticable difference(other than my head telling me what bar it is and that it has to feel different).

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by Briscoelab

Specialized has an S-works level carbon bar that is close to the old Easton. 78mm reach and 130mm drop, I believe. They are also some of the lightest bars I've seen. My 44cm bar came in at 178g.

It was a bit stiffer than my 3T rotundo team, but not as stiff as the Rotundo Pro aluminum bar.

I use 3 T rotundo (pro and team), Newton Shallow, Ritchey classic, and the S-works bar on different bikes and they all feel about the same to me when riding.

I love classic bend bars. But, I'm considering picking up one of the new Enve compact road bars and give them a shot. Just my idle mind wanting to try something new I suppose :)

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by ahumblecycler

I tried classics, and I never the set up right. The Easton's came the closest followed by the VCRC Superlights, but alas both sit on my floor now.

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by 2002SaecoReplica

Deda Newton Deep Drops.

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by Dammit

I have a pair of 42cm c-c Ritchey WCS Classic handlebars, carbon fibre model not alloy which are surplus to requirements if you want to try them?

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by LegalizeMyCannondale

FSA RD200.

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by BdaGhisallo

Keep your eyes peeled on ebay. EC90 Equipe Pro bars do pop up there every so often, sometimes for a rich price but often for a steal.

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by Junior Varsity

I have used the Ritchey Classics in the past but am now on FSA Energy. There are some places on a bike where I put fell over weight and this is one place.
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by haydos

thanks for the replies guys.

I'm going to have a look at the Spec Classic bend as it appears to be very close.

Otherwise I might just have to stock up on some TKOs to keep me happy for a few years - or be lucky on eBay for the Equips.

I have heard a rumor that Easton might be bringing the ec90 equipe back into the range.

Dammit, thanks for the offer but i've already tried them before so no need.

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by nathanong87

old thread but didn't wanna make a new one


i have a set of equipe Pro (will have 2 shortly) and a set of ritchey wcs. obviously the bend isn't exactly the same, but my question is, what's the stiffest classic bend bar in that same "measurement" area. rotundo doesn't really fit my needs measurement wise.

the only choices i've seen are deda shallow, wcs classic, and equipe, tko (probably wont be able to get tko). i'd like to put the stiff(est) bar on my race bike.

and despite this question, i guess, does stiffness really make a diff? am i over thinking bike components lol. cadel used tko and equipe pro vs an aluminum option (i know easton doesn't have aluminum but just saying).

just holding the bars in my hands i can flex the equipe more than the wcs. i have a set of pro vibe 7s sitting in my pile and its stiffness is unreal compared to the classic bend bars.

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by KWalker

It won't matter. Focus on other things.

Stiffest are the Pros, then the Ritcheys, then 3Ts and then the Dedas.
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