Best rim brake bike you've ever ridden

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by PrettyA

Was wondering what is the best rim brake bike that fellow weightweenies have ridden. I understand that the best bike is always the one that makes you want to ride more. But that aside, what is the best rim brake bike that you guys have ever ridden, I'm not talking about the most aero but purely based on ride quality and build quality. I guess one criteria would be that it's still a "race" bike and not a bike meant for comfort such as the domane or roubaix. Off the top of my head, I know that the BMC SLR01 (2nd gen) is apparently an amazing bike, also the Cannondale supersix HM before all the disc brake redesign.Was wondering what other frames that fellow weightweenies would consider as great!

by Weenie

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by tarmackev

TCR Advanced SL 2011-2012

Never owned it, rode it on a demo day. Had the opportunity to ride the compostite, adavanvced and adnvanced sl all in the same size, with same wheels, back to back. All felt better than my Cervel S2

Life long cyclist in my late 40's, working in shops and as a rep I must have ridden over 200 carbon bikes.

Honorable mentions
Scott Addict and Foil HMX
Madone 5.9 (Lance era)
Supersix Hi mod Gen 1, that being said I had two and one was terrible, flexed to one side and you could barely squeeze 23mm tyres in.
Time Speeder

Biggest let downs
An actual team Sky Dogma
Tarmac in 2014
Wilier (all of them)
Look 695 (i think, top of the range about 10 years ago). Got demo the full range, it was great day as i also got try the full range of Zipp wheels and these were fantastic.
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by naavt

My Yoeleo R11 EPS

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by vinc

Colnago M10

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by caballero

Pinatello dogma f. In rim brake with 12s Dura ace and tubulars is an awesome ride.

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by MichaelK

You stole my 2 top picks. Had a 2011 BMC SLR01, that rode so well. Only thing I didn't like was the stupid seatpost clamp built into the seatpost itself. Currently own a 2016 Supersix Evo HM. Does everything you could ask of it, but lacks that certain joie de vivre at the end of the day.

My third dark horse pick would be a Ritte Bosberg v2. Believe it was a painted FM066 with an ISP. Now I admit it sucked in other areas as the BB felt a bit too stiff, but point it downhill and it was on rails and made up for everything else. So confidence inducing, I almost felt more at home in a supertuck. Maybe I'm an old fart now, but I don't think I'll ever descend at those speeds again.

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by nickf

I'm biased but my English road with all oversized steel tubes. Not as light at my old 2016 SSEVO HM but rides smoother and I prefer the handling of the English, not as on edge. Yet with the tubing used it is very snappy and puts down all the watts. Been riding it a couple of years now and there is no other bike out there that even temps me. I don't see how any other bike could outperform what Rob built.

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by C36

Supersix Evo2 HM and S-works SL6 my 2 favorite with some margin. Both very dynamic and reactive, very pleasant to sprint or attack climbing!

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by req110

If i have to build some rim brake bike, i would probably go for:

a) trek madone slr (aerodynamic reasons), or maybe canyon aeroad
b) s-works sl6 (all round reasons)
c) dogma f (butique reasons)

all above with direct mount rim brakes!
S-Works SL7 Dusty Blue 56cm @ Sram RED AXS Quarq, ZIPP 404 Firecrest, MCFK Aero Handlebar, PD-R9100 (7.2kg)
S-Works Epic 2022 Gloss Fluid L @ Sram XX1 AXS Quarq & Berg Ratheberg & BikeYoke Divine SL, Xpedo M-Force 8 (9.9kg)

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by calleking

The S-Works SL6 I had was absolutely fantastic based on feeling. SL6 felt stiffer than my Aeroad CF SLX but the Aeroad was probably the faster bike.
2022 Wilier Filante SLR Dura-Ace/Ultegra Di2 12sp
2021 Cannondale Scalpel Carbon 2

2018 S-Works Tarmac SL6 Sagan Superstar DA 9150
2016 Aeroad CF SLX UDi2
2016 CAAD12 - SRAM Red 22 - Hyper 50mm

Steve Curtis
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by Steve Curtis

2016 Cervelo s3. Still have it, and it has fought off probably 7 other rim brake bikes over that time frame.
I like it so much I picked up another frame set, just in case.

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by mrlobber

AX Vial Evo Ultra (2017 version).

SS Evo HM Gen 1 (!!) and Sworks SL6 tied for 2nd.
Bikes I know something of:
Vial Evo Ultra | SS Evo 1 & 2 | R5D | S5 | S5D | P5 | O2 V.A.M D | AR FRD | Addict SL | Plasma 3 | SL6 | Orca | Orca OMX D | Boone D | 596

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by sigma

Stiffest = Factor One Rim V2. Blazing speed.
Best Climber and best handling = Cannondale Black inc SS Evo (HM) c 2015-2016; the last rim brake iteration and the bike I wish I had never sold.
Best All Around = rim SL6. Legend.
S-works Tarmac SL6
S-works Tarmac SL7
S-Works Venge
S-Works Roubaix
Factor VAM 02 disc
Factor One rim v2
Factor LS
Cannondale Black Inc Scalpel 2017
Cannondale Scalpel SE LTD 2021

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by rwoofer

Cannondale SS EVO2 HM and I still have it.

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by Broady

My Bowman Palace:R is an absolute rocket, handles like it's on rails.

by Weenie

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