Thoughts on MyVeloFit?

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by Jaisen

I am curious what other people's experience is with ? Naturally if someone has prior injuries, mobility/flexibility issues that can't be detected with simple movement tests, limb discrepancies, etc. a professional bike fit is still highly recommended. However baring those kinds of problems I mentioned, I think the app can be useful for tinkering with one's position or getting into the right ball park.

For my part I found the fit the software generated quite good. About 5 years ago I had a professional bike fit at a LBS and was rather disappointed as that fit session barely made any changes to the fit I came in with. I think the fitter only changed my saddle tilt and flipped my stem. Fast forward to now, and a few months ago I bought a Tarmac SL7. I transferred over my old fit to the new bike but was curious about optimizing my position on the new bike.

So I decided to give MyVeloFit a try. For the Performance + Comfort category, my old fit worked perfectly, placing me in the right angle ranges for all metrics, but I wanted to try a more aggressive position. I set the software to a full on performance fit and followed the recommendations (which pretty much lined up with what TobinHatesYou recommended to me in the fit thread). After a few iterations I was now in the right range for all the metrics again and the fit feels great. I am far lower and more aero now (lower back angle even though the stack height is the same), far more forward in relation to the bottom bracket, and the position feels powerful. I am rather pleased so I thought I'd share my positive experience with the website.

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by Mocs123

Awsome! I know there are a couple of people in my club who've used it and I think they've been happy as well. I've thought about trying it myself.
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by Weenie

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by winterorb

have used myvelofit on couple of occasions where I used it to fit two of my indoor road bikes on trainer for zwift.

outcome was pretty close to my outdoor bike which was fitted via a retul bike fitter. would not hesitate to use it again should the need arises and additionally I can see that myvelofit consistently adds more features to the plan which is great for either return or new users.

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