DIY Aluminium Steerer Insert

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by eucalyptus


How is it holding up? Was it a cheap 6061 you used?

I have ordered a 24x20mm cheap 6061 tube from Ali which I want to glue in place instead of an expander.
My only doubts are if a cheap 6061 2mm wall thickness tube is safe enough, I know yours are 1mm which is crazy thin. There are 24x18 titanium tubes available, significantly heavier but bulletproof.

by Weenie

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by StanleyM

really, you are just trying to avoid crushing the CF steer tube, leading to later failure. Possibly extend past the upper bearing for a possibly perceivable front end stiffness benefit. 1mm alum should be fine for crush life, epoxied in place

Recall that the steerer tube inherently flexes a bit. If you did a ti liner or thick wall aluminum it would be way stiffer than the steer tube *below* the reinforcement. Hence you could wonder about creating a stress riser where the Ti or thick alloy tube ends. It could be best to bond in a CF liner rather than metal and do things like radius the far end of the liner where it transitions to CF steerer alone. So as to more gradually transition to the more flexy part of the steer tube. Likely there are other considerations as well.

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