life after a separated shoulder

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by rustychain

Separated my left shoulder once, broke my right clavicle twice. This last time the bone did not heal. No pain but the bone has now become an "extra joint" according to my doctor. It was awhile before I could ride but last week I managed 200 miles. No pain from the shoulders but the left elbow I broke.....Anyway all this stuff adds up. I'm told that I can look forward to arthritis at some point but I have been riding 20 years from when I first seperated that shoulder and no problems yet
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by trevor022

Wondered what type of shoulder brace works best for you guys? I was looking at ordering one from here ... mobilizers and was curious which type would be best for a separated shoulder? Sorry if this is a dumb question but I have never had shoulder problems before and trying to get input from people with experience with shoulder injuries.
Thanks guys!

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by ultyguy

No braces, do your exercises, the muscles are the best thing to hold it all together. Braces just remove the strain from one place to another.

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by bura

I will support ultguy's view to stay away from braces. Friend of mine suffered a separated shoulder and a cb fracture. He was wearing a shoulder/arm brace to stabilize the whole region. Here is what happened: After two weeks wearing the brace he suffered a thrombosis in the armpit region and had an edama in his arm.
After three months of his accident the fractures have healed with some pain left but he has to take "coumadin" to keep his blood thin for another 6 months.
Due to the risk of a fracture or better said bleeding to death until a hospital can be reached he will not be able to ride his bicycle for a full year.
A doctor told him that due his high K-vitamin food consumption (green food and salads) he was pretty quick effected with a thrombosis.
And he should have kept the shoulder in some motion for a healthy blood flow.
Sorry for my bad English and hope I made myself understandable.
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