Looking for a good helmet-cam.

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el condor
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by el condor

I'm looking for a helmet-cam that can register 3h and up, not too big and easy to operate while riding.
Tell me your experiences, pros and cons.

by Weenie

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by ave

I do not know any to fit the bill.
I used a borrowed Contour once, which was uncomfortable on the helmet as it was too heavy.
And battery lasts only about 2h 45m.

The ones which are lighter and smaller than the Contour last even less.

I decided to wait a little.

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by dgasmd

Countourhd mounted on top of the helmet with the. Enter helmet mount is as. Lose as it gets to perfect with the exception of battery life being only about 2hr in HD mode at 30 fps. You can always get an extra battery to double your time!

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by prendrefeu

Just a little bit down on the front page of the very forum you posted on.... :thumbup:
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