Bibshorts With Shorter Inseam Lengths

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by EvilEuro

Does anyone know of a bibshort manufacturer who has shorter inseam lengths? I've talked with a few manufacturers who have custom programs, but "custom" means colour and graphic design. None of them will do anything resembling "custom" with regards to the actual sizing dimensions of their bibshorts.

I am a bigger guy (110kg), which means I wear either the largest size most companies produce or their next-to-largest size in bibshorts. I also have an extremely short inseam for my height. I'm 6' tall (183cm) but have a 29" inseam (73.5cm). Because of my odd proportioning I run into the issue of the inseams of bibshorts tending to get longer as you go up in size. I'm not sure how many other riders have this issue, but it makes choosing bibshorts a bitch and really limits my options.

I'd love to wear stuff from Assos (Mille regular length), Castelli (Body Paint) or Giordana (Body Clone), but their inseams in my size all tend to run towards the 11.25" range (28.5-29cm). If you combine my short inseam with my short femurs then the bottom of the aforementioned bibs all run down over the tops of my knees and into the bend on the backside of my knees. Absolutely and completely uncomfortable.

I've gone to the website of most of the manufacturers mentioned in the "Obscure And Different Cycling Clothing" thread, but most of their products in my size end up with longer inseams (28-29cm). I'd prefer an inseam closer to the 23cm to 25cm range. I could live with 26cm, but anything longer than that gets into the "too long" range.

Unfortunately, I can't seem to find that in a higher end bibshort. Anyone have any hints, tips or leads?

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by Kastrup

Have you tried looking at Mavic's offerings? I purchased some and the claimed inseam was 23 cm.

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by Weenie

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by giantdale

I wouldn't bother searching for a compromise. Have the bibs you really like shortened by a competent person!

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by KB

As someone who started riding with shorts in the 60's, er when shorts were shorter, I have an aversion to the length of current shorts. In my case I turn them under a bit to make them shorter. However, in your case, why not take them to a good seamstress who can shorten them for you?

Giantdale posted his just as I was composing this, i.e., my message is the same.

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by haydos

When I was designing custom kit from Santini they stated inseam length was adjustable - we just had to tell them what length we wanted. I believe it was an option on Capo custom also.

I'm sure from some of the smaller makers you could get inseam adjustments...

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by gs15step

My Santini Gel Intech's are pretty short, well, shorter than most others I've tried. They've got a great chamois too, but it's all subjective with these things I suppose...

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by kgt

Nalini used to make shorter bibs. I am not sure if they still do.

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by tinchy

Santini - it's how vaconsoleil and hoogerland in particular have such skimpy shorts!

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by Mr.Gib

Top of the line from Giordana (Forma Red?). Shortest I have experienced. Superb quality but very expensive. Excellent for travelling. Easy to hand wash and the chamois will dry superfast.
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by goodboyr

Assos Mille now come in regular and short length.

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by bikerjulio

I got opposite problem to OP. This year both shorts I bought - Garneau and Gore, were a couple of inches shorter than I would have liked. Might suit.
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by wpccrunner

Old thread revival...

I've go a pair of Assos Mille in the short inseam version and like the length of these bibs, however the shorts have been discontinued.

Any other options with very similar length inseam?

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by Stolichnaya

Tons of new brands out there to try. It seems a new brand pops up daily.
The current offerings from Assos are sufficiently short though, the TCento length is similar for me to the older short length Assos bibs.
What about the Dos Caballos custom bib configurator?

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by Bigger Gear

The Alé PRR series has a shorter inseam than similar offerings from Assos, Castelli, Sportful etc. Roughly 2-3 cm shorter.

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by lone wheeler

Get some real custom shorts made via Brandt-Sorenson. Comfiest shorts I ever owned.

by Weenie

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