Brand new cycling shoes contracted hideous smell...

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by Ghastly

stella-azzurra wrote:You better hope there are others with the same problem in make and model.

I had the same problem with my DMT Flash shoes after riding a few hours in the rain...
It wore off though, only couldn't place them inside the house for a few weeks, because my girlfriend didn't really appreciate the smell! ;-)

by Weenie

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by LardLover

dmp wrote:
(lardlover- nice looking springer. We've got a Welsh springer)

Cheers. That's Oscar (Molly's sniffing about behind). Oscar is 14, unfortunately he's now showing every one of those years, bless him. His heart is willing but his body is not.

Such fantastic dogs

Anyway, back on topic.................. :oops:
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by boycow11

I had a similar problem with a pair of Bally loafers a few years back. I bought 1 pair black, 1 pair brown. The brown never developed the smell and none of my other dress/athletic shoes (cole haan, gucci, prada, dolce & gabbana, nike, puma etc....) EVER had an odor smell even if I happen to go sans socks.
I consulted a local shoesmith and he noted that people have this problem on a regular basis and stated that it was a combination of leather type as the smaller factor but the larger factor was the DYE used for the materials and how it reacts to a particular persons' PH levels.

Seemed to make sense to me at the time, especially since the identical brown pair (verified by my very patient girlfriend) never developed an odor.

Something to consider and also use as an excuse to get the same shoe in different color or go for some Lake speedplays

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by boycow11

I got this reply from Bont last week re Speedplay compatible shoes:

""Yes, you can special order a shoe with 4 hole patterns or simply order the Vaypor S or Sub-S.

Thank you,

Bont USA
Bont Cycling USA""

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by shadwell

Jeez Geoff, i thought you meant put the cat in the machine for a second..

...come to think of it....

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by Miller

I started pretty much the exact same thread on TT_forum last November: ... =shoe&st=0

The most accurate reply, I thought, was "Some shoes use a glue that smells like cat wee when wet. Not found a solution to it, although it does diminish with time and plenty of washes. "

I put my shoes (Spesh s-works) through a 30C machine cycle and that helped a bit. What helped more was letting the shoes get absolutely dry.

Recommendation: don't get your best cycling shoes soaking wet.

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by djm

Thanks for all the pointers guys!

The importer suggested a few cleaning tips (Chlorine, bicarbonate soda) and say they'll replace my shoes if the smell does not disappear.

How's that for service? Pretty darn good IMO :-)

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by djconnel


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by HammerTime2

stella-azzurra wrote:See if you can apply some of these steps tot the shoes. It must be bacteria causing the smell

Important. Never use ammonia or ammonia-based products on the carpet. One of the ingredients of urine is ammonia and your cat may well be encouraged to re-offend in the same area if it detects the smell of ammonia. Many household cleaner cleaners contain ammonia so be sure to read the label. ...
Does he really have to worry about this part of the instructions?

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by stella-azzurra

I'm going to make one of those special warning labels for you :roll:
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by spud

I once had a base layer that developed a terrible, sour smell (none of my other base layers got this way). Washing did not remove the smell. I finally soaked the offending garment in rubbing alcohol, which killed the smell.

Don't know if alcohol would act as a solvent to the glue in your shoes, but might be worth a try.

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by JackRussellRacing

Whenever I'm not actually wearing my cycling shoes (Sidi or Diadora), I insert an activated charcoal insole. Of course I remove these little foam foatpad things when I wear the shoes, but for storage and stuff they seem to keep the shoes entirely fresh and odor free.

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by jfranci3

Can you isolate the smell on the shoes? Maybe separate the insoles, undo all the velcoro, and pull out the tounge all the way. Let them sit for a bit and come at it with a fresh nose?

My guess is that you have some open cell foam in the heel, tongue, or insole. Try using a bleach solution and just leaving the bleach in there(Maybe don't wear nice socks afterward). Another idea would be to put the shoes on your winter shoe driers for a good week - just burn the bacteria/mold. If that doesn't work, coat them in baking soda and anti-fungal powder.

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by mattr

Cindyborer and DanielLee555. Spammers responding to each other's posts......

by Weenie

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