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by Fitnerd

I can't take it anymore... I'm far-sighted and I can't focus on things within a few feet of my face. This makes doing any emergency work on the bike difficult ( even changing a tube is getting tougher ). I tried contacts and my eyes just couldn't take them so I'm back to glasses.

I've never worn prescription cycling glasses, and I welcome any advice you all might regarding brands/quality/effectiveness. I would like to keep the cost under $200USD if possible.

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by tarz

I work with eyewear, mainly sunglasses however every time there is a customer wanting cycling glasses everyone hand balls them to me...
It really depends on your script.
Your script is what is going to dictate what frames and lenses you can, if you can have any. Some script just are too strong.

With that being said, I suggest (if you haven't already) getting an eye test to double check what you need.

Oakley offer an extremely large range of their frames with prescription lenses. They are still made to Oakley standards.
The way they make their lenses is actually amazing. You should (hopefully) have an optometrist or Oakley retailer that should be able to do it for you. You purchase the frame and everything, then they place the order with Oakley and a brand new frame is made for you with your scripts in the lenses.

I've heard nothing but excellent reports with them. The possibilities are nearly endless but again it does rely on your script.

We even have a pair of Radar's with scripted lenses in it at work at the moment.

Unfortunately as a sport/cycling brand my only experience is with Oakley, although I have heard Rudy Projects are possible as well...

Hope that helps.

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by rgkicksbutt

The price of prescription Oakley Radars is close to $600 iirc, in canada at least. Most non-prescription Oakley's run close to, or above the OP's limit.

Luckily I had coverage. 90% of the time I still put contacts in though, just had to learn to deal with them.

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by Geoff

Bret will sort you out:

The lense options are amazing, even with extreme prescriptions...

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by bikejunkie

Hi I have been using Rudy Projects with the clip-in prescription system for years, the shades are standard and have different interchangabe lenses, clear, black and yellow for all conditions.

I sometimes carry with me a different lens on my rides if I know the weather might change, If it's sunny when you head out it might suddenly cloud over and dark you can't just take off your shades or you'll have trouble seeing, just swop out lenses, sorted

When I get my script changed on my everyday glasses I get the clip-in frame done aswell, It takes standard lenses so can be done at your local opticians in the hour. I get them without any anti-glare or anti-scratch as it's not needed as the sunglasses will do that. Is far cheaper that way.

Oakley are nice at a price, Rudy system very flexible system that can adapt and far cheaper which you should get for your budget.

Hope this helps with your decision.

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by dmp

Under $200 is not possible, at least as far as I have seen if you are including the whole package, but you can use flex dollars to pay for them if that will help. I have the Rudy Projects, too, and they are great, but the progressive lenses that I bought for them were not cheap ($250 if I remember correctly), and that was on top of the $175 for the glasses. Highly recommended, however. I have a pair with clear lenses, too, that I use in the OR.

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by Fitnerd

Thanks for the tips guys.. I'll have to up my budget but I will follow up on your suggestions.
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by grid256

I use Oakley FlakJacket's and love them. You can find them at Lens Crafters... maybe try to find coupons or specials because the $200 is going to be really hard or impossible to hit. Two sets of lenses and one frame were around $500 or so.

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by Rick

I like the progressive lenses, because then I can focus on the bike computer and still look up the road, with everything in between in focus.
But I bought my frames at Walmart. They have a pretty wrap-around good one that accepts prescriptions. Still ended up about $280 total though.

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by JoWul

I use Oakley's FlakJacket with progresive and photo chromatic lenses. They produce an amazing field of vision and absolutely no distortion. Oakley had do three attempts to get the glasses right, due to strong astigmatism. But they are expensive, in the $ 600 + range in Canada. I used inserts (clip in) before and had problems with fogging and small insects crawling between the lenses.

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by naisan

Oakleys with polarization - helps a ton. Again, you need to ensure your total power is less than around +/-2 for most oakelys. Best to check with your optomotrist as some insurance can cover some of the costs - I've never been able to get down to $200 on these though. ;-(

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by youngs_modulus

Geoff wrote:Bret will sort you out:

The lense options are amazing, even with extreme prescriptions...

I second the vote for Sports Optical. They put polarized prescription lenses into my Oakley Fives. They cost was reasonable (~$250 for lenses; I sent them the frames). The lenses had less distortion than my eyeglasses of the same prescription. Service was fast, professional and friendly.

I'd use Sports Optical again in a heartbeat.



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by Fitnerd

Thanks, I am planning to pay them a visit.
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by jwilliams

I have the oakley jawbone and have 3 sets of lenses. So I like the ease of use. I also have a pair of the Radar, but the jawbone was much less about $400 because of the non oakley lenses.
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by marecej

I've been using RudyProject Ekynox with the clip for prescription lenses - very good
than I just went to have an Excimer laser eye surgery - way better
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