The Helmet Weight and Info Thread.

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by gumgardner

My Giro Prolight came in at 232g in a size large. Claimed was 227g

My older giro atmos weighs 335g. Claimed 319g.

I dropped a 1/4 of a pound with this switch. Not bad.

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

About to try my new LG Diamond.

Came in at 335g.

I have a big noggin :(

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Tinea Pedis
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by Tinea Pedis

Kask c50 Vertigo - 290g in medium.

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by shapeofthings

Just got a Giro Aeon today. 25% off due to a pre-tax day sale.

Sticker said 222g. Weighed it, and it came in at 222g. Size medium.

That is the US spec.

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by Juanmoretime

Limar Ultralight Pro 104 in size medium.





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by C60


Where did you purchase your helmet from?
Can the Aeon helmet be purchased online now?

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by sdg71

This is mine...arrived today

it's a really preview...due to the fact that Italian distributor doesn't know when this helmet (especially ltd editions) will be available for purchase....

Didn't wheighed yet....the sticker inside (size M) says my hands it seems to be too much lighter than my old Ionos.

If you want to purchase it on line...try to tip on google

giro aeon rabobank...and you will find an Italian e-bay shop...otherwise you can try on competitive cyclist website...they have something....
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by spinwax

I know weight was posted of the Aeon already, but that was a size Med. My small came in at 12grams less at 210. It is a pretty sweet helmet. So far the best helmet I have owned. Small, light, cool, great looking and has really comfortable straps. Way more comfy than my Ionos straps.



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by jo.k

Ekoi Corsa Lite, size M I suppose (55-59 cm). Claimed 180 g, 193.3 g actual.

Nice finish, comfy and low profile (most important helmet feature imho). Very comparable to my old Atmos in size and shape.

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by dj97223

Does anyone have any experience with the ventilation of the Garneau X-lite? It is pretty light and much less expensive than the Aeon and Prevail, but I'd like to hear how well it keeps the noggin' cool.

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by devinci

I am also maybe looking for a louis garneau helmet. Have you looked at the LG quartz in white? the vents are huge and the helmet is not that porky, same as europcar use.

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by Ozrider

224g for a large Prevail. Ventilates really well, comfortable and easy to adjust.
Supposedly one of the most aerodynamic road helmets as well.
Ozrider - Western Australia
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by spinwax

I got a small Pevail yesterday. Weighs in at 206grams.

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by astranoc

I currently have a Specialized S-works prevail which is very light (a hair under 200gr) and well ventilated but the front part is coming just above my eyebrows and the smaller size is too small for my head. What other options are there for light helmets?

The Limar 777 looks very nice, both weight and price-wise but I haven't found a verified weight. Any others?

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by kgt

My Limar ultralight (size L) weights 210gr. It really feels like you wear almost nothing.

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