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by hawkeye

Looked at these bikes at the London Bike Show and they looked great IMO. Has anyone had any experience with them? Any feedback would be appreciated.

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by hockinsk

They are made by a chap called Diego just outside Venice and painted by a chap called Luigi in the Italian Alps according to their website? Sure i've seen these frames somewhere else though? The seat stays look very familiar, but then probably just the same tubeset I guess.

One of the guys i've raced with rides for them and turns up in a black Porsch and rides an all pink outfit and pink bike. Too much for me, but the frames certainly look well crafted. I love the seatpost and stays on the Geranium especially.

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by prendrefeu

The name made me think it was a Welsh company.
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Marlboro Man
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by Marlboro Man

Bloke at work has one. Had a quick spin around Richmond Park (London) on it.

My example had Chorus 11spd on it, fairly heavy wheels and pretty average tyres on it.

Can't tell much about damping/ comfort as I can only usually tell towards the end of a long ride how good/bad a proposition will be for racing.

It was STUPIDLY stiff though and very light. To put you in the picture, I'm 88 kg and squat 120kg and I didn't feel the thing squishing around like I have with other carbon frames.

I'm going to see if I can try it on a longer ride before I put my order in but if you're in the market for one of their lo-pros its a bit of a no brainer.

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by -Adam-


I am riding for the WyndyMilla Test Team in 2011, my team bike is en route from Italy as I type. So it'll be beneath me in no time at all, once I have put in some kilometres on it, I will post again. I have ridden several bikes of this quality over the last few years, and am currently on a Cervelo R3, so it has a lot to live up to, but I'm sure I won't be disappointed!

Watch this space...

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by currieinahurry

I raced a few times against Henry Furniss who i beleive heads up the company pretty fast lad and hes never seemed to struggle on them. really nice guy as well. pretty sure they will be very race orientated though so just remember what you want the bike for,.

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by musket

hockinsk wrote:The seat stays look very familiar, but then probably just the same tubeset I guess.


Look very similar to the Cyfac stays.
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by phazon

Anyone got an update on Wyndymilla bikes? How it rides etc.

Interested in the Lightning Seed mainly, but comments on any of them appreciated


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by Chirobike

Well if you like the nice paint, graphics and team then by all means buy it from the source. Otherwise if you just want the frame then the custom manufacturer is Sarto Cycles in Italy. Not sure if it's any cheaper or not since they do volume.


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by mrfish

Hmmm.. As I wrote in another thread, 'nice paint and nice graphics' is in the eye of the beholder. Yes they are 'different' but that's just another way of saying shockingly bad in a nice way.

I have to agree with the previous poster. The familiar seat stay is because it's an off the shelf seat stay, just like the off the shelf tubes. There is very little which is new / novel or pushing the boundaries, other than the paint job.

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by phazon

Thanks for the comments. I went over there today, and they are nice bikes, with some good deals on when you buy a complete bike. Although that could of course just mean the frames are overpriced in the first place...

On the graphics, I agree they are definitely not to my taste, and put the brand down as a long-shot when compared to something like a Viner. However they have a new font coming out soon which is MUCH nicer than the cartoon style. This would definitely make a difference in my decision, although a Viner or Parlee Z4 are definitely heading the list right now. Custom is appealing, so looking like a Viner Perfecta or Volata

Thanks again

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by StradaJon

We have built wheels for Henry at Wyndy Milla. They offer a full custom fit carbon frame in a either a race or sportif configuration which is then made by hand in Italy. For the price they charge for a frame I think it is good value option on a race proven frame. The frame in white looks good and we displayed one on our trade stand earlier this year.

Mr Fish - yes each tube might be an off the shelf component but I understood that each part selected is from a variety of layups / thickness available to tailor it to your requirements.
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by JordanGbbns

I used to live about 100 yards up the road from these guys and popped out on a few club runs with them.

Great bunch of blokes (and girl) and they talked me through their custom frame design principles and their bio bike fitting concept and it was all pretty fascinating. Can't say I've ridden one but they definitely have passion with the knowledge and experience to match.
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by Boogie

Does anyone know which font they're using?

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by Machinenoise

Yep definitely nice bikes, bit too pink for me, but they don't all come in pink! I know Charlie pretty well and a lesser extent Henry. I have the pleasure/pain of riding in Lanzarote with them most Januarys! We had Magnus and Henry on one of the 80milers this January and they had no problem smashing them up the hills! Both seemed very complementary of the bikes. I had the chance to ride one for a day (big geranium I believe), felt very stiff as commented above, very similar to my TCR advanced. Handles very confidently but it not being my bike, I wasn't pushing it too hard! Stem length was a little off for me personally which also clouds my opinion of the handling. Although descending of mirador del rio at 80-90kmph it felt well balanced and stable, if not pin sharp. Can't really talk about weight, as the bike had been specced very highly so obscures any comparison to my hack! Talking to Charlie (one of the people behind the company.) the bikes genuinely are built and layed up in italy, although the town name escapes me. :noidea: And they will make completely custom geometry for customers, at a relatively small premium.

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