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by howler

damn i love this thread!

majklnajt- a winner for sure!

by Weenie

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by ticou

It's still the BMX TT bike for me, but there have been some close callers of late. Anyone remember the page number?

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by fletch62

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by fletch62

And this, at just $70,000 each!

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by Stolichnaya

Those last two aren't freaks, more like just pointless master projects from design school students...

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by cmh

The cardboard bike is hardly a pointless design project.

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by hansonator69

Slam your stem.

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by TuplaO

^Wait, what?

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by CarpetFibre

Why has he tied the shoe to the front derailleur? Is he making sure it doesn't turn over so everyone can see it's a croc and think he's a comedian?

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by Kastrup

Sprint distance triathlon? I can't see that having a setup like the above for really quick engagement will save more time than a good pair of Tri shoes though....
The attachment to the front derailleur might enable him to jump straight on the bike and ride off?

Probably just a joke though :D
"Stay cool and try to survive" A. Klier to the other members of the Garmin classics squad the night before P-R.

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by ricerocket

Tri-dorks tie their shoes up to their FD so they can save that .1 seconds it takes to flip the shoes over. When you pedal, the rubber band will stretch and snap.

I saw this on some triathlon tips Youtube video at some point in time.

Also, the crocs thing is some garbage Grant Petersen likes to push that they're the best cycling shoes.
Now, shoes again. Specifics and details.
Ninety-nine percent of the riding I've done over the past 5 years has been in Teva sandals. I use the Hurricane model, the cheapest, flimsiest, lightest model Teva makes. They cost $39 and weigh 10 ounces in a size ten. In the summer I wear light socks or none; in the winter I often double-up thick wool socks. Being sandals with adjustable straps, there's never a fit problem, there's never the feeling of crampedness or anything.
But what's the lower limit, shoeswise?
Proabably Crocs. Several people we know ride in them and prefer them to just about anything else. Before you think how ridiculous Crocs are, or how unsuitable for pedaling, consider that they're just contoured foam with enough resistance to offer support. They are not high shoe-craft, but with the right pedals beneath them, they do just fine for lots of riding, including long distance touring (we know people who prefer them to all others for just this purpose).
I recently got some fake Crocs, from Target. They cost $9.99 and weigh about 5 ounces a pair. My foot fits in them loosely with a wool sock, and when I flip the heelstrap out behind my heel, it doesn't even do any good, because my heel doesn't contact it.
I've been riding them lately and the grip is excellent, even better than Tevas. I timed a hillclimb that I do all the time, and my times are no different than with Tevas (or real cycling shoes, for that matter). The fit is loose, but it doesn't seem to matter. The comfort is out of this world. They work great with our Sneaker pedals, and on any ride that didn't involve dragging the bike up steep, loose trails (hiking with it), they're perfect.


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by HammerTime2

For anyone who doesn't know, Grant Petersen is not a WW.

Here's his shop/catalog
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by spandexboy817

but 5 ounce shoes? that would save me hundreds of grams off my current setup. WW Genius! :beerchug:

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by WillR

hansonator69 wrote:Image

I think there was something behind this picture. It was taken at the Kona IM World Championships. Guy is an age grouper who was also running the marathon in Crocs too :shock:

by Weenie

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by Maximilian

hansonator69 wrote:Image

Is that a big crack below the lower bottle boss?

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